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Bobbye Hall - 1977 - Body Language For Lovers

Bobbye Hall 
Body Language For Lovers 

01. Token Two 10:25
02. Peace Of Mind 3:04
03. Copula 5:54
04. "Oh" 3:25
05. Leo De Virgo 4:55
06. Ovinu Malkaynu 4:28
07. Voyeur 3:24
08. Angel 4:35

Keyboards, Percussion, Backing Vocals – Andy Belling
Backing Vocals – Gwen Edwards, Myrna Matthews, Becky Louis, Sherlie Matthews
Bass – Chuck Rainey, Tim Barr
Drums – James Gadson
Flute, Saxophone – Buddy Collette
Guitar – Ben Benay
Harp – Dorothy Ashby
Percussion – Tommy Vic
Percussion – Joe Porter
Trumpet, Flugelhorn – Judd Miller
Percussion – Bobbye Hall

Where did she go wrong? This 1977 album should have gone to CD. Bobbye Hall is now retired from the music business. But she's not gone. Come on, Bobbye! Get this album to CD! I think out of all the 70's albums I have, this has got to be the most interesting. First of all, she plays percussion. 2nd, she co-wrote all except 2 of the songs. The music is more experimental with out very much in the way of a melody. But the way everything blends is awesome. If you can get a record copy, then get it. Follow it up by sending it to Vinyl Revolution for transfer to CD.

A very cool album of spacey soul jazz tracks! For years, we passed this one up because of a silly title and cover – but it's actually a fantastic album, with a feel that's kind of an extension of the Cadet studio sound of the late 60s. Dorothy Ashby plays harp on the album, and the group's led by percussionist Bobbye Hall. Andy Belling plays some pleasing keyboards, and he handled all of the arrangements in a very nice way. Tracks have a mellow easy groove that spreads out with a heck of a lot of soul. 

If Mike Oldfield composed in the realm of expansive, relaxed spiritual soul jazz, this is probably what his music would sound like. Beautiful tracks that segue into each other to create one continuous piece of music, this is a fantastic, overlooked album that's highly recommended to seekers of intelligent, exploratory and soulful music. And with Chuck Rainey on bass, Dorothy Ashby on harp, and mastering by Bernie Grundman---how much more cool musical pedigree do you need?

David T. Walker - 1976 - On Love

David T. Walker 
On Love

01. On Love 4:59
02. I Wish You Love 4:17
03. Lovin' You 3:44
04. Our Lives 4:21
05. The Windows Of The World 5:04
06. Feeling Feeling 4:34
07. Kinda Sorta 4:26
08. Let Me In Your Life 4:32
09. I Get High On You 4:06

Backing Vocals – Annester Davis (tracks: A2), Denise Routt (tracks: A2), Elaine Norwood (tracks: A2), Jerry Peters (tracks: A2), Maxine Willard (tracks: A2)
Bass – Chuck Rainey (tracks: A5, B2, B3), Wilton Felder (tracks: A1 to A4, B1, B4)
Drums – Ed Greene  (tracks: A2 to A4, B4), James Gadson (tracks: A1, A5 to B3)
Percussion – Bobbye Hall (tracks: A1, A5 to B3)
Piano – Jerry Peters (tracks: A1, A5 to B3), Joe Sample (tracks: A2, A4, B4)
Guitar – David T. Walker
Rhythm Guitar – Ray Parker Jr. (tracks: A3, A4, B4)
Synthesizer – Gary Coleman (tracks: A2 to A4, B4)

Produced by the Crusaders' Joe Sample and Wilton Felder, David T. Walker's final solo LP On Love ably captures the gauzy, romantic atmosphere its title promises, but like most of Walker's output as a leader, atmosphere is pretty much all this record has to offer -- for all its shimmering beauty, the music lacks substance. The plush sophistication of the production is more a minus than a plus -- never one to the command the spotlight in the first place, Walker completely defers to the overall mood and texture throughout On Love, and regardless of his technical brilliance, one can't but wish he would simply cut loose and break off a memorable, impassioned guitar solo or two. As usual, he also sticks to familiar pop melodies -- "Windows of the World" and "Lovin' You," most notably -- but does little to reinvent or revitalize them. This is music so smooth it slips between the cracks. His playing still sublime!

David T. Walker - 1973 - Press On

David T. Walker 
Press On

01. I Got Work To Do 6:06
02. Brother, Brother 3:30
03. Press On 3:36
04. Didn't I Blow Your Mind This Time 4:40
05. With A Little Help From My Friends 7:05
06. Superstition 4:54
07. I Who Have Nothing 7:25
08. If That's The Way You Feel 3:10
09. Save Your Love For Me 3:55
10. If You Let Me 3:35

Bass – Charles Larkey
Congas, Tambourine, Bongos, Cuica  – Ms. Bobbye Hall
Drums – Harvey Mason
Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar – David T. Walker
Sax - Tom Scott
Trumpet - Oscar Brasher
Sax - Ernie Watts

Warmly chromatic and nicely tripped out guitar work from David T Walker – laid out over some great larger arrangements from the legendary Jerry Peters! The style here is a great blend of studio jazz and soul – a completely new recasting of the role of the guitarist in the soul instrumental field, and one that's clearly inspired by the styles of CTI and Kudu, yet a bit more straight ahead overall. Walker's guitar is amazing throughout – laidback, yet always filled with a strong sense of "voice" that really comes through – and other players on the set include longtime studio associates, like Harvey Mason on drums, Ernie Watts on alto, Tom Scott on tenor, and Oscar Brasher on trumpet. Titles are mostly covers, but done in really great versions

David T. Walker - 1973 - David T. Walker

David T. Walker
David T. Walker

01. Never Can Say Goodbye 4:06
02. Loving You Is Sweeter Than Ever 3:09
03. On Broadway 3:30
04. I've Never Had The Pleasure 3:23
05. I Believe In Music 3:20
06. I Want To Talk To You 3:07
07. Hot Fun In The Summertime 3:37
08. Only Love Can Break Your Heart 3:22
09. What's Going On 4:46
10. The Real T. 3:22

Drums – Paul Humphrey
Electric Bass – Wilton Felder
Guitar – David T. Walker
Keyboards – Billy Preston, Clarence McDonald, Jerry Peters, Joe Sample
Percussion – Bobbye Porter
Saxophone – Curtis Amy
Vocals – Annesther Davis, Jim Gilstrap, John Lehman, Merry Clayton, Patrice Holloway, Stephanie Spruell

Sublime grooves from studio guitar genius David T Walker – an album that's a perfect summation of the laidback, yet all-there sound he crafted for so many other artists over the years – finally cast out in the lead, and set up in a sweet set of larger soul instrumental backings! The style's a bit like the Kudu Records mode of the time – with a core instrumentalists grooving out over a larger ensemble – but the overall focus is a bit less jazz, and more in a soul instrumental mode – one that follows the melodies nicely, yet still has Walker bringing in some great chromatic touches on his hollow body electric. There's a similarity here to the sound of O'Donel Levy on Groove Merchant, although a bit tighter overall –

David T. Walker - 1970 - Plum Happy

David T. Walker
Plum Happy

01. Doo Doo 5:52
02. Oh Happy Day 4:24
03. Come Together 5:07
04. Lay Lady Lay 4:02
05. Plum Happy 4:05
06. Blues For My Father 3:46
07. Listen To The Sun 7:11
08. Love Vibrations 2:50...

Bass – Tracy Wright
Drums – Al Edmond
Piano – John Barnes
Guitar – David T. Walker
Tambourine, Percussion [Jawbone] – Buzz Cooper
Timbales – Richard Waters

Funky guitar jazz from the long time session great. He's got quite a few solo joints out that are reallly worth tracking down. The reason I hunted this down in the first place was for his version of "Lay, Lady, Lay." This is a beautiful track. I'm also feeling the get down wah funk of the lead off cut "Doo Doo." and little by little got addicted to the record!

David T. Walker - 1968 - The Sidewalk

David T. Walker 
The Sidewalk

01. My Flowers 7:55
02. Direction Wes 4:43
03. Look Of Love 5:22
04. The Sidewalk 3:40
05. Standing In The Shadows Of Love 4:40
06. Hurt So Bad 4:20
07. Reach Out For Me 4:55
08. Up, Up & Away 4:40

David T.Walker: guitar
Tracy Wright: bass
Mel Brown : drums

David T. Walker is a Legendary Artist/Guitarist/Musician/Producer/Composer known for His distinct and Beautiful Signature Sound/Touch which is often compared to a Harp, Birds or Water with “Soul, In Light & Grace”.

David T. Walker was born on June 25, 1941 in Tulsa, Oklahoma USA. Ruth and Julius are his parents and He is the eldest child in a family of ten. His parents migrated to San Pedro, CA when He was two years old.   At age 7, the Family moved to Central California a very rural life largely based upon the Feudal System. Started playing the saxophone in the fourth grade and also had begun to hear Music from the local people and Family members. Music such as Chants from Indigenous or Native Americans, Black Gospel and the Blues of a Rural Funky Nature from the Field hands or working Black People. These were His earliest Musical influences heartfelt and pure emotional spirited life situations.

At age 14, His Family moved to Watts, part of Los Angeles. His Journey continued “In Full Bloom” with “The Power of Choice” and a “Joyful Insight”, with the wisdom and humility of “The Real T”.
At age 16, one of the reasons he started playing the Guitar was to stay out of trouble, be a productive and positive World Citizen while paying attention to how the world goes around. He is self-taught and schooled at working in juke joints or Blues Clubs etc. While in High School, the group called The Kinfolks was formed. The Kinfolks traveled the entire USA many times after High School playing and traveling all the back roads and out of the way Chitlin Circuits and Theatre Musical Circuits for 7 years. Their road gigs included time with The Olympics, Hank Ballard and the Midnighters, Etta James, and Little Willie John, just to name a few. The Kinfolks joined Motown Records, and worked/traveled with Artists, such as Martha and the Vandellas etc.

At age 28, He signed a recording contract and His first Solo Album was released and at the same time began to venture into Studio Recording Work. He was the First call Extraordinary Creative and Talented session Guitarist and worked with eventually hundred upon hundreds of other Artists, such as Jackson 5, Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, Smokey Robinson, Aretha Franklin, The Temptations, Diana Ross, Four Tops, James Brown, Little Richard, Ray Charles, Cannonball Adderly, Stanley Turrentine, Herbie Hancock, Jimmy Smith, Pharoah Sanders, Donald Byrd, The Crusaders, Marlena Shaw, Quincy Jones, Carole King, Sergio Mendes, Miriam Makeba, Dreams Come True, Boz Scaggs, Billy Preston, Bobby Womack, Lou Rawls, Solomon Burke, Sammy Davis Jr. Barry White, Gene Page, Bill Withers, Dean Martin, The Isley Brothers, Mamas & Papas, Nancy Wilson, Barbara Streisand, Gladys Knight, Sarah Vaughn, and more, as you will see from reading His Discography.

David T. Walker has Recorded and Produced Fifteen Solo Albums (1968 – 2010). With tremendous Trust and Respect from Artists, He Performed on over 2,500 Albums, Film Soundtracks, TV, and Radio Commercials beginning in 1961.

He has received numerous achievement awards including Gold & Platinum Records.
He was and is also traveling and performing Globally and sharing/gathering Insight about People, Places and Things regarding Music and Life.

His Music is loved and respected by generations of Music lovers and Artists. He has been sampled by Hip Hop Artists such as Tupac Shakur, A Tribe Called Quest, Pete Rock , De La Soul, Busta Rhymes, and many others.

These Works/Artistry were and Are done on pure Creativity, Imagination and Passion for the Art Form! “On Love”  with rectitude, trying to have correct behavior, a righteous course, understanding, equanimity of Spirit and the energy to “Press On” “With A Smile”!!!

David T. Walker
April 20, 2018 ·
Throwing back to 50 years ago April 1968, I was working on my first solo album “The Sidewalk” with my trio. I was very excited about my continuing adventure in music after I started to play the guitar 11 years before (which was in 1957). I selected and arranged the songs and composed 3 songs for the album. I still remember the moment I heard one of the songs on the radio for the first time while I was driving in my car. What a feeling of joy and delight!
The photo on the album cover was taken at the intersection of Sunset Blvd and Clark St in front of the “Whiskey A Go-Go” in Hollywood, sitting on the sidewalk at 6am :-)
The blue suit I have on was tailor made in Japan which I had just returned from a concert tour there in January. The photo on the back side was taken in MacArthur Park in Los Angeles.

I do not own David T. Walker's second album, and the 2nd hand cd's are pretty expensive, so I wonder if anyone has a digital copy of it to share with us?