Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Alpha Omega - 1976 - Alpha Omega

Alpha Omega
Alpha Omega

01. Constellation
02. Silent Voices
03. Sundance
04. Alpha Omega
05. Dawnining
06. Reflections

Bass – Tony Hargreaves
Guitar, Producer – John Bellamy
Percussion – Ray Dick
Saxophone – Dave Brown

Synthesizer – Stephen Maxwell Von Braund

Australian Jazz Rock combo, involving Steve Maxwell Von Braund of Cybotron fame as a guest on Korg synthesizers.The main man for Alpha Omega appears to be guitarist John Bellamy, who's abstract, utterly jazzy plays can be heard throughout the album.In general this is more of a free-form Jazz Rock with some sparse Jazz Fusion vibes and notable synth- and bluesy-driven moves, sax and electric piano also dominate the scene, the outlandish mood all over has some certain charm, but the widely unconstructed pieces tend to bother a bit.

Steven Maxwell, most known for his group Cybotron, also plays synthesizers for this most interesting fusion group. Perhaps Cybotron's Colossus is a good reference, mixing in saxophone lead rock with electronic sequences. Alpha Omega is more rooted in jazz, however, which includes some free blow sax and shredding guitar solos. It's an odd combination. Passport's Infiniti Machine is also similar to this, though for certain more tame. Well worth hearing for the uniqueness factor.

Scarecrew - 2006 - Magical Mind

Magical Mind

01. Eingang (0:39)
02. Der Wahn (3:19)
03. Springtime (2:23)
04. Dronedome (4:03)
05. Mindflowers (4:14)
06. Dreamrock (4:07)
07. Mother Moon (2:53)
08. The Mammoth (1:59)
09. Stardust (10:08)
10. Ancient Lake (6:53)
11. Ausgang (0.39)

- John L(iving) / vocals, jewharp, gong and percussion
- Marty / vocals and bass
- Steve A(quarian) (aka Steve Schroyder) / minimoog and organ
- Ramamurti Gresbek / synthesizer & percussion
- Raffael Schulz / guitar & percussion
- Gene Gross / guitar

Guest musician:
- Chris Eller and Thomas / guitar

An authentic Krautrock along with weird keyboard / organ / Moog works, mysterious guitar discordance, spacey whacked-out synthesizer trippin', and no good voices (lol). Actually SCARECREW were formed as another super Krautrock project by Steve "Aquarian" SCHROYDER (ex-Tangerine Dream) in collaboration with some Krautrockers (Ash Ra Tempel, Agitation Free, etc.), and have released only one album "Magical Mind" veiled in a shocking yellow bizarre sleeve.
From the beginning of this creation (just the first tape effects shot "Eingang"), their German Psychedelic Engine is taken to full power. In every short track (except 10 minute longest one "Stardust") is overflown with guitar dread, percussive dizziness, and Moog madness. In the same vein of Ash Ra Tempel or freakout freeform surrealistic music creators (e.g. Ya Ho Wha 13), massive sound shower breaks our brain out irreversibly. An only-fourty-minute album creation completely makes a hallucinogenic whisper to us.

Evident ritualized songs consist of downtempo trippy ethnicity created by percussion, deformed but energetic guitar explosion or shabby shaggy shouts touched in the head. Intensively they have squeezed some mindtoxic agents into our mind. Electronic drone / percussive line filled with strange tension and modest synthesizer technique here and there should be impressive. Infernal warped voices sound like such an eerie magic spell based upon unpolished percussion and synth / key irregularity. Exactly almost all of German psychedelic essence should be included in this obscurity in a sense.

"The Mammoth" or the longest one "Stardust" reminds me of a leaning toward a French acrobatic Krautrock gem Mahogany Brain, who launches incantation phrases along with unsteady guitar vertigo. It's a mystery such an unnatural psychedelic hideaway can be slip easily into our inner brain. An awesome unknown masterpiece, let me say.