Sunday, August 2, 2020

Heinz Lieb Project - 1986 - Walkperson

Heinz Lieb Project

01. Rumania 4:50
02. Walkman 3:40
03. Voodoo 3:50
04. Decidion 4:55
05. Ballad 4:50
06. Arabies 2:35
07. Walkwoman 9:30
08. Eve Chan 2:15
09. Thunder In A Hot Summer (Chines. Folksong) 6:15

Drums – Heinz Lieb
Flute [Bamboo] – Bill Douglass
Synthesizer – Peter Waters

Live recorded at Jazzfestival Willisau, May 1986.

The painting and the poem are created live at the concert.

Man of earthbeat
melt your simple intricate sound
to that of icicles played
in a glittering cavern.
Echoes of madness.
Echoes of sadness
wheel around in space
and time and motion.

White gloved hand
interplays with the sounds
of delicately woven silk
across a woman's body
Echoes of a gladness.
Echoes of a sadness
of Eternity in strife,
and play and peace.

Nasera Hassan

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