Thursday, April 2, 2020

Agnetha - 1980 - Listen to the Future

Listen to the Future

01. Angel Of Fire 4:01
02. Dear Sister 4:35
03. Water 9:58
04. Light Of Paradise 4:24
05. Hell 5:10
06. Agnetha 0:49
07. Street Rats 6:38

Recorded 1980 in Hamburg/Germany
Printed by Max Sames Hamburg

Release date in Germany - 1980.  This of course then was right on time for  a 1976 style heavy progressive pre-metal Deutschroc LP. Lots of purple/heep -esque sombre songs without one clear barnburner.  Melodic heavy rock, lots of tracks that could have been produced as hair metal had these guys had any clue. Since they didnt, this is an early UFO/SCORPIONS LP which means of course I like it a lot... And I hope someone out there has more info about this band, who where they, what are they doing now... I really like this album!

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