Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Project Tyme - 1985 - Clockwyze

Project Tyme

01. The Mirror
02. Scot Free
03. B.T.W.C.
04. Rush Hour
05. The Great American Ulcer
06. Sanity Day
07. Wondering Why
08. Remembering You

Bass – Sandy Nordahl
Drums – Dan Boss, Mark Burrill
Vocals, Keyboards, Bass, Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Producer – Scot Schwestka

Recorded October and November 1984 at Catamount Recording Studios, Cedar Falls, Iowa

A 4 piece from Iowa, but pressed in Dallas. Lead by double neck guitarist Scot Jon Schwestka (mullet is intact and functioning), Project Tyme are mid-80's all the way, with electric drums and warm bass tones. Early 80's Rush seems to be the main inspiration for the compositions. What keeps this from being a laugher, is the guitar work which is quite good actually. Expressive, skillful, energetic and no shred to be found (a common problem in those days). Once you get past the first 2 tracks, the rest is quite good as it's pretty much all instrumental from there on out. The production is excellent considering it's a homemade job. Neat cover art as well.


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