Sunday, November 24, 2019

Lester Bowie - 1978 - The 5th Power

Lester Bowie
The 5th Power

01. Sardegna Amore (New Is Full Of Lonely People) 6:20
02. 3 In 1 (Three In One) 9:32
03. BBB (Duet) 5:52
04. God Has Smiled On Me (Traditional Gospel) 18:02
05. The 5th Power (Finale) 4:58

Alto Saxophone – Arthur Blythe
Bass – Malachi Favors
Drums – Phillip Wilson
Piano, Vocals – Amina Myers
Trumpet – Lester Bowie

Recorded April 1978 at GRS Studios, Milano, Italy.

This quintet is loaded with expressive talent. Blythe and Myers are the outsiders here, yet their different kinds of playing--Blyth is swaggeringly verbose, Myers a gospelish spirit--add new flavours to Bowie's sardonic music.

First of, Sardegna Amore is a classic! He also did this as "New York Is Full Of Lonely People" on the Urban Bushman album. This album has more the free and loose spirit of jazz in the late 70s/ early 80s than what he did in the last decade of his life with the pop tunes and rap. It definitely is a different facet of his trumpet playing, and it all Great Fun, as music was for Mr. Bowie.

The 5th Power is a live album by Lester Bowie recorded for the Italian Black Saint label and released in 1978. It was recorded during a concert tour of Europe by Bowie's group "From the Roots to the Source" and features performances by Bowie, Arthur Blythe, Amina Claudine Myers, Malachi Favors and Pillip Wilson. Creative jazz and a progressive gospel segment. Bowie at his eclectic best. Essential.



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