Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Sun Ra - 1993 - Soundtrack for the Film "Space is the Place"

Sun Ra
Soundtrack for the Film "Space is the Place"

01. It's After The End Of The World 3:25
02. Under Different Stars 3:55
03. Discipline 33 3:22
04. Watusa 7:11
05. Calling Planet Earth 3:04
06. I Am The Alter-Destiny 1:08
07. Satellites Are Spinning 2:33
08. Cosmic Forces 3:09
09. Outer Spaceways Incorporated 3:00
10. We Travel The Spaceways 2:28
11. The Overseer 3:04
12. Blackman / Love In Outer Space 16:53
13. Mysterious Crystal 5:53
14. I Am The Brother Of The Wind 5:54
15. We'll Wait For You 4:11
16. Space Is The Place 4:23

Alto Saxophone, Congas, Percussion – Larry Northington
Alto Saxophone, Flute, Bass Clarinet, Percussion – Danny Davis
Alto Saxophone, Flute, Oboe, Bassoon, Kora, Cowbell, Percussion – Marshall Allen
Baritone Saxophone, Percussion – Danny Ray Thompson
Bass Clarinet, Bongos, Percussion – Eloe Omoe
Congas – Ken Moshesh
Drums – Lex Humphries
Piano, Synthesizer [Mini-moog], Organ [Farfisa], Clavinet [Hohner], Keyboards [Rochsichord], Voice [Declamation], Arranged By, Composed By – Sun Ra
Tenor Saxophone, Drums, Percussion, Vocals – John Gilmore
Trumpet – Wayne Harris
Trumpet, Congas, Vibraphone – Kwame Hadi
Vocals, Bells – June Tyson

Film produced by Jim Newman.
All selections were recorded in Oakland, California in 1972, for inclusion in the film Space is the Place.
This music is previously unreleased.

Space Is the Place is the soundtrack to a film that was made but never released, and the tunes are among his most ambitious, unorthodox, and compelling compositions. Between June Tyson's declarative vocals, chants, and dialogue and Ra's crashing, flailing synthesizer and organ fills, and with such songs as "Blackman/Love in Outer Space," "It's After the End of the World," and "I Am the Brother of the Wind," this disc offers aggressive, energized, and uncompromising material. Ra's pianistic forays, phrases, and textures were sometimes dismissed as mere noodling when they were part of a well-constructed multimedia package. This comes as close as any of Ra's releases to being not only a concept work but a blueprint for his live shows from the early '70s until the end of his career. Features some previously unissued cuts.

Some of it is very wild, some pieces feature familiar space chants lead by the terrific June Tyson, others have distant horns with cavernous reverb, still others are heavy percussion workouts, and some are oddball synth pieces. All in all, this encompasses just about everything Sun Ra is about, and provides a perfect snapshot of his most daring and productive period. Highly recommended to adventurous listeners who want to learn more about this giant's music and figure out which way they want to go with it. If I had one tiny complaint, it's that individual players - Tyson aside - aren't given a lot of solo room. Also, I put this on just after listening to Iannis Xenakis' Musique Electro Acoustique and I think that however fringe-y and belittled Sun Ra may be in the popular view, his electro-acoustic music holds up as well or better than the more revered composer's works.


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  2. Movie itself:

  3. Such a great movie! And my favorite version of "Outer Spaceways Incorporated". Thank you!