Monday, May 27, 2019

Sun Ra - 2013 - Space Aura

Sun Ra 
Space Aura 

01. Solo Piano Introduction
02 .Space Aura
03 .Song Of The Sparer
04. Exotic Forest

Sun Ra – Piano, Keyboards [Clavioline]
John Gilmore – Tenor Saxophone, Percussion
Marshall Allen – Alto Saxophone, Oboe, Flute, Piccolo Flute, Percussion
Pat Patrick – Baritone Saxophone, Flute, Percussion
Ronnie Boykins – Bass
Robert Cummings – Bass Clarinet
Clifford Jarvis – Drums
James Jacson – Drums [Log Drums], Flute, Percussion
Carl Nimrod Malone – Horn [Sun Horn], Gong, Percussion
Ali Hassan, Teddy Nance – Trombone

Recorded May 1966 at University of Buffalo.

Remarkable quartet of Sun Ra live recordings made in 1966 shortly after the Arkestra moved to New York. They’re all previously unreleased and were evidently recorded in optimal conditions at University of Buffalo – the sound is beautifully lucid and and dynamic with a real sense of space and place together with the polite applause that closes each piece. In particular, the rendition of ‘Space Aura’ really captures Ra and his Arkestra at their loosest, most attuned.

Delightful 10" from late, great jazz magician Sun Ra. It's totally enjoyable stuff, classic Ra if you will. These seem to be live recordings but were it not for the presence of applause between tracks I would not have guessed that because they're beautifully recorded.   On side A you get a piano intro and then the main attraction 'Space Aura', light bluesy jazz with a cheekily discordant harmonised sax lick leading into some crazy honking over a fast-paced walking bass which gets a moment to itself before Ra's piano brings everyone back in. There's even some so-Sun-Ra-it-hurts 'Space is the Place' style group vocals leading from the intro into this track.   On the other side you get some more thoughtful and spiritual vibes on a couple of slower-moving pieces but these are still densely arranged and weird, as you'd expect. 'Song of the Sparer' has some peculiar winding buzzy analogue synth tones alongside piano and plucked bass, while 'Exotic Forest' has bubbling percussion that sounds like a rickety cart going along a dirt track while some plaintive reedy melodies wiggle about in the near distance. This is an excellent 10", not very long but everything here is vintage Sun Ra.



  2. Thank you so much for all the Sun Ra. If I could I'd own them all. The catalog is huge and I'm still very much just learning.