Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Wasa Express - 1978 - Till Attack

Wasa Express
Till Attack

01. Kom Ut Ikväll
02. 7 Rooms Of Gloom
03. Jag Är Bäst
04. In I Dimman
05. Penthouse Rock
06. Shake That Boogie
07. Play On
08. Den Finska Solen
09. California Sun
10. A Teenage Werewolf
11. Surfing Matilda
12.  The Cocovoodoobana Song

- Ake Eriksson / drums
- Bo Hallgren / keyboards
- Ken Sundberg / bass
- Thomas Berglund / guitar

 By this,their 3rd album,Wasa Express was a full tilt rock'n roll band with just a sprinkle of their jazz rock fusion left.A singer/rhythm guitar player was now added. First side of the album was recorded in the studio and second new tracks that was recorded live.Wasa Express was an incredible band that I was fortunate enough to catch live on several occasions. All the musicians are excellent ,and there is an amazing drive here.At their live shows they liked to have some fun and they were fun to see.They loved The Tubes and did a lot of stuff to entertain along with their playing for an all out entertaining evening.They even had stage names like Kim Climax,Valentino Vaselino,Victor Vibratoo,Henry Coma and Ake Grotesque.All the material is their own with the exception of 2 tracks.So not much prog going on here,but great musicians playing their butts off

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