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Egba - 1978 - Amigos Latinos

Amigos Latinos

01. Foxtrotsky 7:33
02. Stilleben 7:12
03. Juantorena 6:28
04. Amigos Latinos 7:51
05. Harry Blev Så Glad 5:42
06. On Don Den 3:55
07. Satisme 3:59

Congas – Ahmadu Jarr (tracks: A3, B1)
Drums, Percussion – Peter Sundell
Effects [Thunderstorm] – Ralph Lundsten (tracks: B3)
Electric Bass – Göran Lagerberg
Guitar – Bjarne Roupé
Keyboards – Harald Svensson
Tenor Saxophone, Soprano Saxophone, Flute – Ulf Andersson
Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Keyboards – Ulf Adåker
Vocals – Göran Lagerberg (tracks: B4)

Recorded 17-23 April 1978 at Europa Film Studios

In 1976 Ake Eriksson leaves Egba to form Wasa Express and become the drummer of Kebnekaise, he was replaced by Peter Sundell.A slight line-up overhaul continues after Sonet released the first live album of the band, the 77' ''Live in Monmarte'', with Lars Jansson quiting and Harald Svensson of Resa jumping in on keyboards along with pioneer Electronic composer Ralph Lundsten, who provided the sound effects.''Amigos latinos'', the third studio album of Egba, was released in 1978.

Egba sounded much more of a focused band in this effort, the line-up executed in a more tight way and the tracks have equal doses of jazzy lossiness, sweet Horn Rock and structured Fusion, which are cleverly flavored with the background electronics of Ralph Lundsten, providing an extra dimension to Egba's music.The production values are still reminiscent of a band heading to the 80's with some slick keyboard themes, but the general performance is extremely solid with a variety of atmospheres and good mixture of tempos and textures.From the melodic lines on sax and trumpet to the smooth, sentimental jazzy solos of Bjarne Roupe, supported by the relaxing piano of newcomer Harald Svensson and from the powerful and dense Fusion with the extended instrumental intercations to the atmospheric themes with Lundsten's electronic showering, the Swedish combo plays exceptionally at moments, full of confident instrumental work.The title of the album is a bit misleading, there is not much of a heavy Latin component in the album, but sporadic tunes like on ''Juantorena'' and especially the whole title-track with its Flamenco-styled guitar contain extra spices from Latin Fusion in a cheerful mood.The rest of the album is typical of the Jazz Fusion genre with lots of sax and trumpet in addition to some flutes and strong doses of piano and synths.

Definitely the most interesting of Egba albums to this point.Quite diverse, balancing between dramatic and fast instrumentals and more laid-back tunes, always led by solid executions.Strongly recommended.

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