Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Egba - 1976 - Jungle Jam

Jungle Jam

01. Turtle Dance 6:48
02. Bland Tomtar Och Kontroller 5:04
03. Takdropp 2:47
04. Follow That Knallert 5:58
05. La Firmeza 4:54
06. Trabajo Para Egba 6:00
07. Månadens Erbjudande 3:22
08. EKG 3:05
09. Apkalops 5:35
10. Hollywood Magic 7:00

Bass – Göran Lagerberg
Congas, Percussion – Ahmadu Jarr
Drums – Åke Eriksson
Guitar – Bjarne Roupé
Piano, Electric Piano – Lars Jansson
Saxophone, Flute – Ulf Andersson
Trumpet, Flugelhorn – Ulf Adåker

In 1976 Egba offered their second album ''Jungle jam'' again on the Sonet label with a vastly different core.Adaker, Andersson and Jarr are now accompanied by veteran bassist Göran Lagerberg (whom Andersson knew from Heta Linjen, also with Kebnekaise and ex-Baltik/Bo Hansson), guitarist Bjarne Roupé, pianist Lars Jansson of Janne Schaffer/Mount Everest fame and drummer Ake Eriksson, a future member of Wasa Express and Kebnekaise.

Passing through the second half of the 70's, the sound of Egba starts to incorporate elements with a more commercial edge, thus ''Jungle jam'' is an album, where you can find plenty of tropical Fusion synth-oriented moves, funky grooves typical of the age and also some more Horn Rock- and Soul-oriented touches.Its value though is actually in the same level of their debut.This is an even more incosistent release than ''Egba'', but its strong point is some killer instrumental work that is actually absent on their debut, akin to the more pounding parts of WASA EXPRESS, highlighted by one of the best rhythm sections to be heard.Unmet and frenetic drumming along with fast and furious bass lines meet the aggressive sax and trumpet of the Andersson/Adaker duo and the jazzy guitar solos of Roupé.The synthesizers sound a bit annoying, but there are also in there in the game of incredible interplays and endless instrumental battles of high quality.The really charming and pleasant grooves are not absent either along with some nice, sporadic flute runs.Had this style been maintained througout the whole album, we would be talking about a fantastic work.But the constant commercial overtones somewhat lower the overall level of the release.

This album should appeal to more or less extent from Prog/Jazz Rock hunters to fans of more pleasant, summer-drenched Fusion textures.Warmly recommended.

EGBA's 2nd album "Jungle-Jam" picks up right where they left off after their 1st self-titled release with more tasty jazz-rock fusion and a wide variety of styles and influences blended in.  "Gbinti" starts with a very African percussion style and evolves into a fiery fusion romp.  "Trabajo Para Egba" has a very Latin flavor to it.  Egba skillfully blends horns and winds in with the standard guitar, bass, drums and keyboards to produce a smooth yet unique brand of fusion.  These guys knew how to pull out all the stops, and their songs are packed with those soaring melodies that stick to your ears long after the disc has ended.  A must-own for all who love the classic sounds from the glory days of progressive rock and fusion, and this is light years better than the "fusion-lite" found cluttering up the used bins...

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