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Blue Morning - 1973 - Blue Morning

Blue Morning 
Blue Morning

01. Danza Dei Palombari Lottatori
02. Panini Volanti
03. Farfalle Nella Pancia
04. Belmont Plaza
05. Una Sera Di Luglio, In Città Dopo Una Cena Col Morto

Drums, Percussion – Alfredo Minotti
Electric Bass – Sandro Ponzoni
Guitar – Roberto Ciotti
Soprano Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone, Flute, Piccolo Flute [Ottavino], Piano, Electric Piano [Fender Rhodes] – Maurizio Giammarco

A1 recorded spontaneously live.
Recorded 9/10/12 October 1972 @ Studio 38, Rome.

A Roman quartet with Maurizio Giammarco on sax/keys/flute, Roberto Ciotti on guitar, Sandro Ponzoni on bass and Alfredo Minotti on drums, which plays a Soft Machine-like Jazz Rock with plenty of abnormal but fairly enganging sax solos, light electric piano, sporadic flute and serious jazzy electric guitar.Love the fantastic drumming and the bass too.Nothing that moves out of Jazz'es scope, but the musicians are really gifted and the music breezes a strange atmosphere.Unfortunately this one was their sole work. Mint copies go for tripple digits, so a reissue would be very welcome!
While I've seen Blue Morning advertised as an Italian progressive rock band, in reality they are a jazz outfit with a few rock moments (noted mostly in the fuzz guitar outbursts on Side 1). Closer in style to the more experimental jazz groups working on the German MPS label.

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