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Ahmadu Jarr - 1975 - En dag i Afrika

Ahmadu Jarr 
En dag i Afrika

01. Bassi 4:40
02. Temne 3:44
03. Lek Lay Kay 5:54
04. Congas-Bongos Och Tay Kay Ku Lay 1:41
05. Berättelse 2:31
06. Tillsammans 3:48
07. Lizi Morgan 6:12
08. En Dag I Afrika 5:58
09. Odofo 2:34
10. African Time 5:40
11. Say Ni Wah 2:53

Harmonium, Contrabass – Sture Åkerberg
Drums – Malando Gassama
Electric Bass – Guy Roellinger
Electric Guitar – Jan Tolf
Flute – Gunnar Lindqvist, Ulf Andersson
Lead Vocals, Percussion – Ahmadu Jarr
Percussion – , Alexander Vestin, Chief Mensah, Jan Tolf, Jenny Carlsson, Malando Gassama, Patrik Boman, Seife Vestin, Titiyo Jarr, Tomas Aspegren, Ulf Andersson, Ulrika Andersson
Saxophone – Ulf Andersson
Trumpet – Ulf Adåker
Vocals – Chief Mensah, Guy Roellinger, Jan Tolf, Malando Gassama, Ulf Adåker, Ulf Andersson

Ahmadu Jarr (sometimes Ahmadu Jah) was an in-demand Sierra Leonean drummer and percussionist, appearing on a myriad of Swedish 70's albums by Egba, Splash, Pop Workshop, Sundance, Folk Och Rackare and others, plus as many by 'commercial' artists. (He's also father of Swedish singers Neneh Cherry and Titiyo Jah.)

”En dag i Afrika” (”a day in Africa”) is a children's album of sorts (featuring children) on which Jarr sings and plays traditional music from Sierra Leone and explains the songs' place in his native country, often with a political twist. No progg content; the album is included here only because of Jarr's tight connections to the scene.

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