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Charles Tyler / Ensemble - 1975 - Voyage From Jericho

Charles Tyler / Ensemble
Voyage From Jericho

01. Voyage From Jericho 9:46
02. Return To The East 12:50
03. Just For Two 6:00
04. Children's Music March 5:50
05. Surf Ravin 10:30

Charles Tyler: alto and baritone sax
Ronnie Boykins: bass
Earl Cross: trumpet
Steve Reid: drums
Arthur Blythe: alto sax on 1. and 5.

Recorded July 1974 at Studio ONE, N.Y.

Bari sax player Charles Tyler, one unsung hero of early free jazz generation,met Albert Ayler when them both were just a teens. Tyler moved to New York after Ayler and soon find himself playing in Ayler's band. Tyler recorded "Bells" and "Spirits Rejoice" with Ayler and recorded two albums as leader for legendary ESP (in 1967-68). Than moved to LA for few years where played with Arthur Blythe and David Murray among others. In mid 70s Tyler returned back to New York where he played and occasionally recorded some more albums. Being one of most significant baritonist of his generation (besides of more known Hamiet Bluiett) Tyler never received serious fame or following. In early 80s he toured Europe with Sun Ra Archestra and stayed in Denmark, than relocated to France where passed away in 1992.

"Voyage From Jericho" is Tyler's first in a line of albums, released in mid 70's. Excellent quintet,containing Arthur Blythe on alto, acoustic bassist Ronnie Boykins, trumpeter Earl Cross and drummer Steve Reid plays five free-bop originals, warm, groovy and tuneful. As on some other albums, Tyler successfully mixes Ayler's early jazz roots and free reading with Eric Dolphy's free-bop and Pharoah Sanders spiritual jazz. Quite simple,not overloaded music radiates original beauty and naturalism, both were often missed by later generations of free jazz musicians. 

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