Sunday, February 24, 2019

Charles Tyler - 1977 - Live In Europe

Charles Tyler 
Live In Europe

01.  Fall's Mystery
02. Folly
03. Voyage From Jericho

Charles Tyler, alto and baritone saxophone
Ronnie Boykins, bass
Steve Reid, drums
Melvin Smith, guitar

Reorded live at the Umeå Jazz Festival, Sweden, 24-26 October 1975.

A pretty darn nice session, recorded live at the Umea Jazz Festival in Sweden in 1975. Tyler's group here is a quartet, with Ronnie Boykins, Steve Reid, and Melvin Smith – and the group is working in the mode of modal rhythm with free out soloing that seemed to be a slight New York sub-genre at the time, informed by harmelodic experiments, but imbued with a freer sense of soloing.

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