Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Pharoah Sanders & Norman Connors - 1981 - Beyond a Dream

Pharoah Sanders & Norman Connors 
Beyond a Dream

01. Babylon 8:40
02. Beyond A Dream 10:23
03. Montreux Overture 4:35
04. The End Of The Beginning 4:55
05. Casino Latino 15:25

Congas – Lawrence Killian
Drums, Percussion – Norman Connors
Electric Bass – Alex Blake
Guitar – Greg Hill
Percussion – Petro Bass
Piano – Bobby Lyle
Piano, Keyboards – Billy McCoy
Saxophone, Flute – Buzzy Jones
Tenor Saxophone – Pharoah Sanders
Trumpet – Duke Jones

Recorded live at Montreux Jazz Festival July 1978

A dream of a record from this legendary spiritual jazz duo – drummer Norman Connors and reedman Pharoah Sanders – coming together in a freewheeling spiritual jazz style that's a lot more like Connors' earlier albums than the soulful fusion he was mostly recording in the late 70s! The album was recorded live at the Montreux Jazz Festival, and features long-spinning tracks that step out nicely in a way that takes us back to Norman's Cobblestone Records years – no vocals at all, and instead some nicely expressive work from Pharoah Sanders on tenor, Bobby Lyle on acoustic piano, and Buzzy Jones on tenor, soprano sax, and flute. Lyle and Sanders drop out for two of the album's five tracks, but there's still a very unified, jazzy vibe to the record throughout 

Staggering jams executed with heart, precision and fiery intensity. Great music as it used to be. I'm afraid I know little about the historical facts, but the music goes way beyond speaking for itself. It manages to ignite as Pharoah, Norman, and the pianist and bassist all let it rip. Very nice and unjustly obscure. I can recommend this music very highly without the slightest reservation. It morphs through phases of intensity and mood. It is remarkable work by a brilliant ensemble of top caliber musicians. It should have a 'flammable' warning on the label!

Wow,  I waited a very long time to play this.  This has been sitting in my jazz crate queue for months and despite the players, I just never got around to slapping this one on the deck.  Mistake!  This is great,  and I'm not sure what I wuz thinking as most of Connors' jazz leaning efforts are also pretty great as well.  This puts Sanders in the same pocket and also front and center.  Befitting the legend,  he makes a lot of these his own adding enough of his trademark horn over the top of a nice spiritual groove.  Maybe it's that mainstream looking cover?   At any rate, don't let date or cover fool you, grab it if you like either of these gents.  '81 release, but this was recorded live at the Montreux Jazz Festival in '78.



  2. thank u for this and the magic of pharoah
    each record has something that touches me