Thursday, January 31, 2019

Chicago Gangsters - 1975 - Blind Over You

Chicago Gangsters 
Blind Over You

01. Blind Over You 3:10
02. I Choose You 9:20
03. Your Self Concious Mind 2:58
04. Don't Be Gone 3:09
05. Gangster Boogie 5:27
06. Why Did You Do It 3:58
07. We've Been Together 3:37
08. Let Me Go 2:48
09. My Ship 3:14

Bass – Richard Evans
Drums – Brian Grice
Guitar – Philip Upchurch
Keyboards – Tennyson Stephens
Saxophone – Clifford Davis
Trumpet – John Howell

Released under 2 different front covers and titles - However this is the most recognised one)

Yet another album that never left the shores of its native land on release, save for those fortunate few who could afford to trade with their local imports dealer.  It’s albums like this that are now a dream come true for those of us outside the USA - maybe a colleague can inform me as to how difficult these LPs were to grab back in the day in the States - I’d be very interested - as I imagine it wasn’t that much easier.  Getting to see the cover of such an album is almost as much a revelation as listening to the grooves.  There is almost something to be said about the relative unavailability and lack of information of these albums that gave them a mystical quality that is slightly lost in today’s more immediate world.

Alternate cover and name

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