Friday, March 23, 2018

La Banda Salsa - 1976 - Viva La Salsa

La Banda Salsa 
Viva La Salsa

01 La Comparsa 5:05
02 Pan Con Salsa 4:20
03 Eight Days A Week 3:15
04 And I Love Her 3:35
05 Tacumbe 4:00
06 Moliendo Cafe 4:15
07 Pa' Bailar 4:00
08 Sabroso 3:45
09 Bemba Colora: Quando Llegaré / Guajira / Guantanamera 7:30

Jaime "Patrón" Rodríguez: Bass, Guitar
Ignacio Navarro: Clavinet
Daniel Basanta: Percussion
Miguel "Jetrato" Jiménez: Drums
Eduardo "Shaft" Abarca: Guitar
Agustín Serrano: Piano
Cipriano "Don Cipri" Hincapié: Saxophone
Luis Cobos: Keyboards
Iván "Tonelada" Marcano: Percusion
Raúl "Donele" Gonzáles: Trombone
Jesús Albéniz: vocal
Raúl "Donele" Gonzáles: vocal

Recorded at Kirios Studios, Madrid, June 1976

Non album single track

Formed in the mid-70s in Colombia , by the musicians Jaime Rodríguez and Daniel Basanta, both former Columna de Fuego. La Banda Salsa edited some singles and only one album in 1976, recorded in Spain and released there and in Brazil, unfortunately the group disbanded at the end of the decade.
Viva la Salsa brings nine short tracks, and several covers (including "And I Love Her" by The Beatles). Music, of course, is highly influenced by Latin rhythms like cumbia and salsa and funk rock. The instrumental is rich with striking metals, woodwinds, percussion, keyboard and guitar solos, accompanying lyrics in Spanish, with several moments of chorus.
Interesting gem to Latin and funk rock fans, Why hasn't this been re-released remains a mistery to me, play this monster at a party and the dance floor fills up. Absolutely love this album. recommended.