Friday, November 30, 2018

Denis Wize - 1980 - Consciousness Program

Denis Wize
Consciousness Program

01. Thought Proceeds Action 0:57
02. Love In Foam And Surf 4:49
03. Only Time We've Got 0:58
04. Anima Manna 6:03
05. Consciousness Program 5:26
06. Back To Earth 0:30
07. Rosita Facilita 4:00
08. Light As Air 3:55
09. Balfazzar 4:58
10. Celestial Cungo Dub 8:30

Published By – Dennis Weise

From the old mutant-sounds:

Fathoms deep acid glaze firmly intact, Dennis Weise (here known as Denis Wize) lovingly extracts the nascent tendencies toward the overtly avant-gardeish from the fecund lysergic overgrowth of his debut (posted by moi a few days back) and dramatically foregrounds them along the first side here, strewing kosmiche signifiers along the way to lure the better-living-through-chemistry set into the sublimely sticky psychological venus fly trap of his "Consciousness Program", only to unexpectedly burst into a heavenly 20 minute clouds-parting bliss-morph of Deuter cum Don Robertson proportions across the entire B-side. 

"Hi, This is Dennis.
My daughter just directed me to these comments. Thanks for the interest in my music. I have done a couple of cd's to look out for. I did "Towards the One" as Doctor Wize, in 1996 (I just saw it on Itunes). I did a couple of (this may piss some off) dance albums "Corps of Discovery", in 1998, also as Doctor Wize, and "Anima Manna" in 2000, as Corps of Discovery. I have a couple of old not so good videos on you tube, I think it's under Doctor_Wize. I have several unpublished albums. I have been working on one for the past two years, that mixes newer electronica with my older elements. I hope to get more out eventually.
Peace & Love
Dennis Weise"



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