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Chet Baker - 2007 - Chet Baker & Crew Featuring Phil Urso & Bobby Timmons - At The Forum Theatre

Chet Baker
Chet Baker & Crew Featuring Phil Urso & Bobby Timmons 
At The Forum Theatre

101. Tabu
102. Halema
103. To Mickey's Memory
104. Down
105. I Can't Get Started
106. Revelation
107. Lucius Lou
108. Worryin' The Life Out Of Me
109. Something For Liza
110. Medium Rock
111. Pawnee Junction

201. Extra Mild
202. Chippyin'
203. It's Only A Paper Moon
204. Music To Dance By
205. Autumn In New York
206. A Night On Bop Mountain
207. Slightly Above Moderate
208. Jumpin' Off A Clef
209. Line For Lyons
210. Mickey's Memory (Alternate Take)

Bass – Jimmy Bond
Drums – Peter Littman
Piano – Bobby Timmons
Tenor Saxophone – Phil Urso
Timpani [Chromatic Tympani] – Bill Loughborough (tracks: 1-3, 1-11, 2-6, 2-10)
Trumpet – Chet Baker

Recorded Forum Theatre, Los Angeles, July 24, 25 & 31, 1956.

This is not just another Chet Baker album. These two CDs contain, for the first time in one set, all the recordings he made with his quintetthe crewunder Dick Bocks direction at the Los Angeles Forum Theatre in July 1956. On these sessions Chet plays throughout with even greater warmth, virility and maturity of conception than on previous recordings, but with the lyricism that was his forte intact. Ursos earthy, strongly swinging tenor, out of the brothers school, also raises the ante. In the rhythm section Bobby Timmons, who adds a powerful solo voice on piano, is buoyantly funky, while Jimmy Bond and Peter Littman complete a grooving, effectively driving unit behind the soloists.

I own over 100 Chet Baker CD's, and this CD never gets old, and it is great fun to listen to. Some of the songs on this CD are some of my favorite Chet Baker songs. I would rate "Extra Mild" and "Night on Bop Mountain" as two of my all time favorite top 5-10 Chet Baker tunes. If you are a Chet Baker fan and haven't heard these two, you have no idea of what you are missing. "Night on Bop Mountain" is a take-off on Mussorgsky's "Night on Bald Mountain," a tune where Bill Loughbrough, who happened to leave a review above, takes center stage. The composer is not listed, although Bill Loughbrough is known to have written or co-written many of the original tunes on the album. I have listened to "Extra Mild" 10 times in a row, and never tire of that really cool and catchy tune, nor have I ever tired of this CD, and is one of my most played Chet Baker CD's.

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