Friday, November 30, 2018

Arti E Mestieri - 2005 - Estrazioni

Arti E Mestieri 

01. Alba Mediterranea (4:40)
02. Gianfranco (4:24)
03. Danza Di Luna (6:03)
04. Petra (5:01)
05. Aura (2:52)
06. Cinderella (0:53)
07. Il Canto Del Mattino (3:52)
08. Prometeo (1:41)
09. Ode (2:15)
10. Gravita 9,81 (5:32)
11. Flautofonie (4:02)

Marco Roagna / electric & acoustic guitars
Beppe Crovella / Hammond, piano, Mellotron, Rhodes, Wurlitzer, clavinet, Yamaha Motif, Moog, accordion, orchestral sounds (sampled), vocals (1), producer & mixing
Corrado Trabuio / violin
Alfredo Ponissi / soprano,alto,tenor & baritone saxes, flute, clarinet
Roberto Cassetta / bass, vocals
Furio Chirico / drums, percussion

Luigi "Gigi" Venegoni / acoustic & electric guitars (4,11)

New recordings of a selection of old songs

After a brilliant career 30 years long, this "Estrazioni" confirms such a remarkable talent regarding A&M and their good creativity as well.then consider their experience and you understand the meaning of their efforts still nowadays!! For instance you can listen to an old tune of progressive jazz, entitled "Gravità 9:81", dedicated to Demetrio Stratos, but you can find also a typical blend (for their excellent standard) of rock and jazz, plus the Mediterranean melodies, characterizing the music colours of my Country!! The same job has been performed for example by "Periferia del Mondo", but perhaps with a different approach-sometimes a bit forced- even paying their tribute to the ensemble of A&M itself: as for all these reasons, especially by considering the longevity of this latter, you remain satisfied at the end. The short duration -42 minutes- avoids such a disturbing "mannerism" regarding the jazz progressive scene, by means of an intelligent arrangement and an elegant choice also concerning their fine harmonization!

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