Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Sugarloaf - 1973 - I Got A Song

I Got A Song

01. I Got A Song 5:10
02. Myra, Myra 5:12
03. Lay Me Down 6:45
04. Wild Child 4:03
05. Lookin' For Some Fun 4:11
06. Round And Round 3:33
07. We Could Fly So High 3:32
08. Easy Evil 3:59
09. Colorado Jones 3:30
10. I Got A Song (Reprise) 2:43

Bass – Bob "Ray Danger" Raymond
Drums – Larry Ferris
Guitar – Bob Webber
Vocals, Organ, Piano, Clavinet – Jerry Corbetta

Decent, solid but pretty standard early 70's mainstream AOR with a strong Prog flavor (..lots of Hammond Organ). Best stuff is on side one...especially "Myra Myra" which is a first class Pop/Prog semi-instrumental.

I was originally looking for the original issue of the 1973 "I Got a Song" Lp, but ultimately the 1975 "Don't Call Us, We'll Call You" (Van Halen used to cover this track in their early days!) issue I found instead is better value as the title track here is much stronger than the track "Easy Evil" on the earlier issue that was sacrificed to make room for it. and then I found and posted the CD version that has both Enjoy!

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