Saturday, October 27, 2018

Hadley Caliman - 1977 - Celebration

Hadley Caliman

01. Presenting Mr. Jones 5:54
02. My Marie 6:52
03. Gala 7:12
04. Separation Blues 3:30
05. Schyleen 4:35
06. Lush Life 8:30
07. Two For T 4:52

Bass – David Williams
Drums – Elvin Jones
Flute – Hadley Caliman
Piano – Hotep Cecil Barnard
Tenor Saxophone – Hadley Caliman

Recorded At Sage & Sound Studios Hollywood California, June 7, 1977.

Incredibly soulful work from 70s west coast player Hadley Caliman – a great talent on both sax and flute, and a player who only cut a very small number of albums under his own name! The album's got a really seductive feel – gently spiritual, with a style that bubbles with restrained energy, but which runs very very deeply through the length of the set. The album's really well put together – stuffed with original tracks, and featuring backing by Hotep Cecil Bernard on piano, David Williams on bass, and Elvin Jones on drums. Both Caliman's tunes and playing have a lightly magical feel to them – a sadness behind the sun, done at a complicated level that we appreciate more and more over the years.



  2. Zen Archer,

    My thanks for your choosing to celebrate Hadley Caliman, an unsung West Coast powerhouse within these online pages. Although he was able to enjoy some monetary rewards from his occasional contributions to works from a few of the Bay Area's better known rock artists, I find it remarkable both then, and now that as far as his own recordings were concerned, he never succumbed to dipping his toes into fusion as many of his contemporaries had done. Hadley's date were pure jazz, straight from the heart. Thanks for your shares.