Thursday, July 26, 2018

Adam Makowicz - 1975 - Live Embers

Adam Makowicz
Live Embers

01. Zarzace Sie Wegielki I (Live Embers) 1:35
02. Raz Tak, Raz Nie (Once Yes, Once No) 5:00
03. Passiflora 2:45
04. Pociecha (Solace) 4:15
05. Ballada Dla R (Ballade For R) 2:45
06. Liczenie Od Konca (Count Down) 2:55
07. Tanczaca Panda (The Dancing Panda) 4:15
08. Milowe Kroki (Giant Steps) 2:45
09. Opalizacja (Opalescence) 4:00
10. Artysta Kabaretowy (The Entertainer) 4:55
11. Zarzace Sie Wegielki II (Live Embers) 2:30

Recorded: Warsaw, February 1975.

Piano – Adam Makowicz

This is the 2nd album in the legendary Polish Jazz series by the brilliant Polish pianist / composer Adam Makowicz, his first solo piano recording (a format he loves very much as documented in future recordings) and the first solo piano album in the entire series. By the time this album was recorded, Makowicz was the top piano Player on the local scene and one of the best European Jazz pianists. In the late 1970s Makowicz left Poland and settled in USA, like several other Polish Jazz players, escaping the socialist regime. His wonderful musicality, deep lyricism and typical European way to combine the Jazz tradition with the European Classical tradition (mainly Romanticism) make him a unique voice, which is always worth listening to. On this album he performs mainly his own wonderful music, spiced by his interpretation of a couple of Scott Joplin and John Coltrane tunes. This is a brilliant album and a must for Jazz piano lovers. Highly recommended!