Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Viklicky, Frisell, Driscoll, Johnson - 1985 - Dvere

Viklicky, Frisell, Driscoll, Johnson 

01. 70. Východní (East 70th Street) 5:16
02. Asi By To Tak Slo (C'est-ce Que Ça Peut Bien Être) 3:17
03. Podzim (The Fall) 5:16
04. Jed Dvacítkou (Take A Streetcar No. 20) 3:49
05. To Jsou Veci (Those Are The Things) 3:38
06. Suita Pro Klavír C. 2 (Suite For Piano No. 2) (19:27)
.a Kasace Pro Vítr A Dést (Music For Wind And Rain)
.b Basalicka
.c Edwardian
.d Dvere (Door)
.e Zasnený Gepard (Dreaming Cheetah)

A1 to A5 recorded June 14, 1979, at the Supraphon studio Dejvice, Prague.
B recorded on June 23, 1984, at the Dvorák Hall of the House Of Artists, Prague

Bass - Kermit Driscoll 
Drums - Vinton Johnson
Guitar - Bill Frisell
Piano - Emil Viklický

The rapport between these musicians is truly extraordinary and the resulting music still keeps the listener twitching involuntarily in his shoes. Viklicky´s compositions are brilliant as always, and the Funky rhythms don´t conceal his unusual melodic approach. Frisell fans will find this early recording also very interesting, as he was still in the stage of developing his unique playing technique. This music remains as relevant, as it was at the time of the recording and in retrospect it was remarkably advanced and quite ahead of its time. Of the countless fusion recordings made in the 1970s and since, this music is one of the few examples of unique identity, which did not blend into the background. It should be quite a revelation for a new generation of listeners exposed to it for the first time, over three decades after it was recorded, as well as those Fusion lovers who think they have already heard it all. I enjoy it now as much as I did the first time around, hoping more people will discover it themselves. A must for every fusion connoisseur!