Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Count Buffalo & The Jazz Rock Band - 1969 - Soul And Rock

Count Buffalo & The Jazz Rock Band 
Soul And Rock

01. The Cougar
02. I'm Gonna Make You Love Me
03. Michelle
04. Green Sleeves
05. The Sandpiper
06. No More Than A Drop
07. Hey Jude
08. Deep River
09. Mago-Uta

Masaoki Terakawa: Bass
Akira Ishikawa: Drums
Kiyoshi Sugimoto: Guitars
Hiromasa Suzuki: Piano
Masahiko Satoh: Piano
Takeru Muraoka: Sax

Free Jazz Rock album with covers and originals compositions recorded by the Count Buffalo band, precursor of the Japanese Progressive Jazz Rock genre featuring Masahiko Sato & Hiromasa Suzuki. The first album of Akira Ishikawa under  Count Buffalo nickname who was active since the mid-fifties as percussionist and probably the most famous jazz drummer alongside Motohiko Hino, Takeshi Inomata & George Kawaguchi. Each track contains some free forms of Jazz & psychedelic rock including two classics from The Beatles, the Motown cult song, I'm Gonna Make You Love Me which was performed by The Supremes & Marvin Gay, the negro spiritual Deep River, two compositions of Masahiko Sato The Cougar & No More Than A Drop.