Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Burton Greene - 2010 - Live At The Woodstock Playhouse 1965

Burton Greene 
Live At The Woodstock Playhouse 1965

01. Tree Theme II 11:54
02. Cluster Quartet II 19:00
03. Like It Is 27:42

Alto Saxophone – Marion Brown
Bass – Reggie Johnson
Drums – Rashied Ali
Piano – Burton Greene

Recorded August 28, 1965.

Recently discovered live recording from 1965 of pianist Burton Greene performing with saxophonist Marion Brown, drummer Rashid Ali and bassist Reggie Johnson in Woodstock, New York. During the 60s there was a clear line drawn in the sand between the traditionalists of jazz and the new school of free jazz musicians, who took in the social situations around them and channeled it through their music. This quartet stood firmly on the side of free jazz with highly creative compositions mixed with a strong dose of improvisation. An important audio recording by some of the best known musicians in the field of free improvisation.

Out there but still together. Almost great sound quality of a dedicated band working it. The sound of Coltrane just after a '63 show contemplating his next move. Great for research and new writing projects.


  1. http://www.filefactory.com/file/5yjz5z9b9wwp/5660.rar

  2. Marion Brown and Rashied Ali live in Woodstock 1965... Dont know Burton Greene any more than his name sounds familiar.... but Ali and Marion Brown assure me this will not totally suck... so now i get to be introduced to Greene 50 years late (this is what the new access to music is all about)