Sunday, April 1, 2018

Hopper Dean Tippett Gallivan - 1985 - Mercy Dash

Hopper Dean Tippett Gallivan 
Mercy Dash

01. Intro
02. Calyx
03. Waffle Dust
04. Brass Wind Bells
05. Anguishy
06. Waffling Again
07. Punkom

Recorded on June 2-5, 1977 at Riverside Studios, Barnes, London.

- Keith Tippett / piano
- Elton Dean / alto sax, saxello
- Hugh Hopper / bass guitar
- Joe Gallivan / drums, percussion, Moog synthesizer

Even though this album is from many, many years ago, it's still beautiful, challenging and rewarding - and still ahead of its time. My goodness, this is avante / prog / rock - personified. The melodic nature of it, is what makes the dissonance and "free rock / jazz" so palatable to this aging proggers ears.
All members are of the highest caliber, and Keith Tippet continues to challenge me with his beautiful, dynamic playing. And what can be said, that hasn't been said about Hopper and Dean - gods of their times. Gallivan, less known, yet ever bit as creative and sold - a miracle in drummers.

I wish there would have been more of this creative group's efforts recorded. Live, this must have been magic.