Friday, March 2, 2018

Various - 1978 - Auturbine


01. John A. Coleman Main Endeavour 1:38
02. John A. Coleman Endeavour 1:43
03. John A. Coleman Planned Endeavour 1:46
04. John A. Coleman Planned Endeavour End 0:15
05. John A. Coleman Pressing Endeavour 1 1:40
06. John A. Coleman Pressing Endeavour 1 0:28
07. John Fiddy Super City 1:53
08. John Fiddy Auturbine 2:04
09. John Fiddy Regeneration 1:46
10. John Fiddy City Skyline 1:36
11. I. Martin / B. Dee Light Manufacturing 1:40
12. Francis Monkman G-Force 2:36
13. Alan Hawkshaw Fuel Injection 2:49
14. Alan Hawkshaw The Speed Of Sound 2:48
15. Francis Monkman Work On 3:32
16. Francis Monkman Oblique Action 2:49
17. Francis Monkman Tubular Tubes 2:31
18. Francis Monkman Art And Science 3:04

One of the best and most sought-after records on the Bruton Music label, Auturbine is the first in the BRL series; the album cover evokes the image of a modern city where high-speed rail is the main mode of transportation. Indeed there is something upbeat and urban about this album, and it all starts with the work of John A. Coleman. The “Endeavour” suite is uptempo in the right places, with a real driving feel. John Fiddy balances the funky with the sublime; expanding on work presented on previous volumes, we get “City Skyline”, whose opening chords are rewind-button triggering, and ending notes leave you wishing for more. Francis Monkman’s work, some of which is seen in much later Bruton entries, is broken up by the much-welcomed combo of “Fuel Injection” and “The Speed of Sound”, two of Alan Hawkshaw’s best works (and apparently, some of the most aggressively shopped).