Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Mike Greene - 1976 - Pale, Pale Moon

Mike Greene 
Pale, Pale Moon

01. Hermetically Sealed 4:25
02. I Do All I Can 3:33
03. Pale, Pale Moon 4:03
04. It's Hard 4:46
05. With A Knife 2:11
06. Just Me And You 5:30
07. In The Morning 3:43
08. I Wonder Why 4:11
09. Valdez Bailey 3:38
10. Why I Must Be Lonley 4:19

Bass – Mike Holbrook
Drums – Rande Powell
Guitar – David Michael
Keyboards, Saxophone, Vocals – Mike Greene

I've played this one on and off over the last couple months and find it very pleasing listening. If you've heard Midnight Mirage then you could call this one M.M. #2 even though it was their first album. The songs on this album are extremely well done and very musical. Each musician is obviously very familiar with their instrument and they each bring quality playing individually together to form a cohesive arrangement.
As was the case so many times back in the 70's, this is just another quality band that got overlooked for some reason or another. I'd suggest that now you've got a chance to right that wrong. Take a listen to this one and Midnight Mirage and see if you can't find a tune or two that sticks with you.