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Jimi Hendrix - 2011 - Winterland

Jimi Hendrix 

October 10, 1968
01. Tax Free 15:15
02. Lover Man 5:21
03. Sunshine Of My Love 7:30
04. Hear My Train A Comin' 11:33
05. Killing Floor 7:55
06. Foxey Lady 5:36
07. Hey Joe 7:19
08. Star Spangled Banner 5:56
09. Purple Haze 5:37

October 11, 1968
01. Tax Free 10:01
02. Like A Rolling Stone 11:46
03. Lover Man 3:45
04. Hey Joe 5:12
05. Fire 3:20
06. Foxey Lady 5:12
07. Are You Experienced? 12:13
08. Red House 12:24
09. Purple Haze 5:18

October 12, 1968
01. Fire 4:59
02. Lover Man 4:30
03. Like A Rolling Stone 11:48
04. Manic Depression 5:33
05. Sunshine Of Your Love 8:53
06. Little Wing 4:01
07. Spanish Castle Magic 6:28
08. Red House 9:13
09. Hey Joe 6:45
10. Purple Haze 3:42
11. Wild Thing 3:30

01. Foxey Lady 10/12/68 6:05
02. Are You Experienced? 10/10/68 7:27
03. Voodoo Child (Slight Return) 10/10/68 7:43
04. Red House 10/10/68 15:21
05. Star Spangled Banner 10/11/68 6:10
06. Purple Haze 10/11/68 6:13
07. Jimi Hendrix: Boston Garden Backstage Interview 11/16/68 19:04

Jimi Hendrix – vocals, guitar
Noel Redding – bass guitar, backing vocals
Mitch Mitchell – drums
Jack Casady – bass on "Killing Floor" and "Hey Joe" (October 10)
Virgil Gonsalves – flute on "Are You Experienced?" (October 11)
Herbie Rich – organ (five songs, October 11)

A great collection of the best of 6 shows Jimi did at Winterland in October 1968. Not much from Electric Ladyland here which was in the can and about to be released just in time for Christmas. The sound is pretty good though there are some technical problems during the show for disc #3. It's a shame because the problems occur in the only performance of Spanish Castle Magic in this collection and that's a great song. The real treat is the live performances of "Are You Experienced?" Some of the musicians from Buddy Miles Express show up an jam for part of the show including an extra long version of "Are You Experienced?" that is quite similar to the dreamy bits in "1983... A Merman I Should Turn To Be" from "Electric Ladyland. Some folks might complain that material is repeated. Jimi rotated through 18 different songs in this collection but you have to remember that like jazz music, Jimi was all about improvisation so the solos are very different and even the mood changes between versions. I look at these songs as essentially frameworks that Hendrix and the Experience could improvise over. No two performances are a like. So not a valid criticism in my book. This is a lavish box set with terrific photos and notes about this set of shows. The only complain I have is that the book is glued into the cover. I have the long box edition, not sure if there is a short box. I mention this because the "Those Were The Days" box set by Cream has appeared in both long and short as well as the 4 disc "The Jimi Hendrix Experience" box set - my copy is short on this one and I've see the long box. The price is right. Buy now if you are a Hendrix fan.

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