Friday, January 5, 2018

Nik Raicevic - 1971 - Beyond the End .... Eternity

Nik Raicevic 
Beyond the End .... Eternity

01. Beyond the End (6:00)
02. To Go To Do Is To Be (2:50)
03. Tide (2:00)
04. The Mist That Drifts Away (2:50)
05. Deathless (4:16)
06. The Wanderer (3:20)
07. Life's Timelessness (2:50)
08. Eternity (3:30)

- Gypsy Flemming / organ
- Pascal (Nik Raicevic) / synthesizer

Man, Raicevic looks too cool to have released this oddball 1971 electronic monstrosity. He looks like he should have been James Bond before Roger Moore. However, what went on inside that head at the time of these recordings is another matter altogether...

At the ripe old age of 38 in 1971 Raicevic released this warped electronic mish-mash of an album on an unsuspecting public. This is early proto electronica from which I'm sure 'Aphex Twin' got many ideas and inspiration from. 'Kluster' also spring to mind. This, however, is far more synthetic. 'Beyond the End... Eternity' is entirely electronic with no vocals which will give you an idea of the kind of difficulty your brain will have trying to come to terms with this recording.

The whole thing ends up sounding like some weird evil alien dentist from Sirius B drilling away at E.T's. jawbone as he struggles to stay awake under anaesthetic , whilst floating creatures swarm around his big malformed head.

An extremely unusual album and one I'm glad I bought. A very difficult album to describe as there's nothing conventional about it at all

No wonder my dad thought I was mental 40 years ago...

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