Sunday, December 10, 2017

Narumo - 1971 - London Notes

London Notes

01. If Everyone
02. She Was A Country Girl
03. Remember?
04. Running Away From Me
05. Everybody Needs A Little Loving
06. When Love Comes Knocking
07. A Touch Of Moonlight
08. It Was Sweet Of You
09. Come Out Fighting
10. The Road Just Goes On
11. Paint Yourself Pretty

Shigeru Narumo: guitar
Brian Keith: vocals, harmonica
Michael de Albuquerque: electric bass, vocals
Bill Parkinson: acoustic guitar, electric guitar
Pete Woolf: drums, percussion
Graham Todd: organ, piano
Maria Popkiewicz: vocals
Frank Aiello: vocals
The Pop Arts Quartet: strings

Album by Strawberry Path / Flied Egg Guitarrist Shingeru Narumo recorded in London in 1971 with a full cast of British musicians. Not an earthshaking album, just a solid rock album that I enjoy playing every so often, recently a vsitor requested it, so here it is!