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S.T. Mikael - 1989 - Vissions Of A Trespasser

S.T. Mikael 

Mikael Sundtsröm (aka S.T. Mikael) was born in Södertälje, Sweden March the 27th, 1963. His father was a jazz swinging plumber and his mother was an innocent forest girl. He was a lonely, introspective boy who developed a bizarre imagination and an obsession for everything odd, mysterious and supernatural in life. His head was filled with images from Sci/Fi-Fantasy and Horror movies and books, but he also built his own dream worlds with creatures, characters, phantoms and prehistoric images in his drawings, comics and short stories. At 15 he picked up his mothers old guitar and started improvising and recording music. At the age of 19 - in 1982, he tried to find members for a group, but it took him until 1985 when he joined a garage-combo called ”Dickie Dickhead and the Outcast” as a lead guitarist. Although it brought many laughs and good fun into his heart and the fact that they developed from ”the worst and unintentionally most absurd band in town” to a serious and expressive experimental rock band, he left after two struggling years to form his own group. The trio ”The Twilight Souls” , was where he could sing and play his own compositions. He tried to fuse heavy rock and soul music with psychedelic influences which can be heard on the title track of his ”Unknown”-album. During this time he searched for the psychedelic experience and took his first dose of LSD. Because of exhaustion and inability to secure any gigs the band broke up in 1988. After this he gave up the rock´n roll band dream, understanding that there wasn’t anyone in town that had the same psychedelic ambitions as he had. With no expectations for the future he continued working with his ideas and primitive home recordings.In 1989 he moved to Stockholm where he met Stefan Kéry, a psychedelic connoisseur, and gave him a cassette with some of his many recordings. To Mikaels great surprise he found that the tape was received with great enthusiasm and an album was soon made out of that very tape. The album was titled ”Visions Of A Trespasser” and was released early 1990 in an edition of 150 copies only. The album cover featured a colorful, organic vortex with images of beings of the galaxy in it painted by Mikael. Each and every record had differently hand painted labels. The album was mainly distributed among friends. It showed his very personal style of music covering all kinds of musical directions, all laced with the psychedelic sound. Among these ”not-meant-to-be-heard-by-others”-recordings you will find unbelievable sound’s from tea-balls, spoons and boilers. Except for the 3 studio tracks which was recorded together with a friend, he played everything himself - singing through his guitar-amp and using a pitched guitar for a bass.In March 1991 he released his follow-up, ”The Unknown” , an odd home cassette- collection with new old haunting songs. The album was distributed the same way as the first one.After forming Xotic Mind Productions Stefan Kéry let him go into a 8-channal studio and Mikael built up a whole new album all by himself (the only way he knew to work) step-by-step, beginning with the drums and nothing else but except a good memory! The result: ”Claustromania” (meaning: manic obsession for locking oneself in, which derives from the introspective state of mind he always go into while creating!) . The music is filled with pulsating, organic expressions, always emotionally gripping with his soulful voice. The album has a circular concept: The songs about other worlds, man against infinity and the human mind, soul and spirit are linked together with small musical inventions building a story that never ends, ending the way it started, starting the way it ended. The composition also reflects his past life of loneliness and emptiness that now has been replaced by a new existence of love, happiness and possibilities. Mikael says “Claustromania” also is an homage to LSD which helped him make the transformation possible.His creative years had only begun. In 1994 Mikael wrote a book with novellas in the horror-fantasy tradition crammed with drawings done during the last 15 years and drawn, copied and shaped 4 volumes of comic-fanzines - all still available in Swedish only! He acted in a 16mm film and in his own 3 fantasy video films as well as taking acting- and dancing- lessons! During the years he has been invited to participate on other Xotic Mind projects, like playing sitar on Adam Axelzons well-received ”Eura”album and with sitar and Tablas on the ”Gnostic Mass”-LP by The Entheogens, an improvisation-group he joined together with Adam Axelzon, Måns ”Word of Life”Månson and Stefan Kéry, among others.In January 1994, people Xotic Mind released S.T. Mikaels new album ”Psychocosmic Songs” which was even better received than any of his previous LPs. The LP was recorded in a modern, high-tech studio. This time the tracks was a mixture of acoustic and electric singer-songs painted with sitar and tabla jams, heavy fuzz guitar sessions and airy, pulsating sounds done in the same step- by-step method like Claustromania! Although it is serious and soulful in tone, ST Mikael himself says he misses the playfulness and vitality which is more prominent in his home recordings. In the spring of 1994 ST Mikael was living in a rented house with a beautiful garden of fruits, berries and flowers. For the first time he found an immediate presence of self confidence and also a more emotional and limitless way to express himself. In changing direction from somewhat stylish compositions to more improvised-on-the-spot creations he found that the happiness of a live-performance could be caught on a Pot-induced multi tracked solo recording.During 1994 he made a huge collection of organic home recordings, far away from any inexperienced studio-technician, planning to release some of the material as a new album. With the addition of the extended studio track ”Summer In My Life” , which was recorded by an experienced crew and with additional musicians like Adam Axelzon. Xotic Mind released it in 1996 as a double-album - titled Soul Flower. As always - with a homemade painting on the cover. It can be seen as a rock opera without a plot, an invitation to a small living room full of impressions of many far away places.During the years that passed since that album, St Mikael seemed to become more secretive and reclusive, but was still making homemade music. Some of this music, still stretching out in many different musical directions, has been done freely and spontaneously in an extremely relaxed and happy environment, and has been compiled into the home-made double CD, "Mind Evolution", which is not really an official album. Since the turn of the century, Mikael has renewed his lifestyle, has found love in Cheska, an American woman, and has travelled around in Europe, and recently in the USA. He has also taken up studies in English and Play Station 2. Anyhow, he has never stopped doing what he has been doing since a young teenager. He plays in a half-improvising trio together with Cheska, called "Just Beyond", featuring guitar, drums, vocals and bamboo-flute.The projects of the future are also piling up! Among the first: Behind the Veil, a CD-collection with 11 of his best songs from the vinyl albums of the 1990s. Included is a rich booklet with full colour pics of all the album covers and also photos, plus lyrics of the songs. Check out the album cover to this one!In late spring we will see the sensational release of a brand new album on Subliminal Sounds! Ten new songs he recorded in December 2006, has been melted together into a hot CD with Fire as the theme. According to Mikael, he has had a great time recording it with Fredrik Björling as the technician who also plays drums on some of the cuts. Reine Fiske from Dungen also helped ST Mikael with bass!And if that’s not enough! Anyone with the slightest interest in reading fantastic and twisted comics, should check out ST Mikael’s new comic book projects! First out is Daughter of the Full Moon: A 40-pages, pencil-drawn, philosophical horror graphic novel. And then we have the crazy project including 30 books/ adventures, featuring a childhood creation of STMikael’s: Horror detective Klas-Iker! Told with a snappy style and childish imagination, you can see his work involving different stories about monsters, ghosts, aliens, dreams and weird trips later this year on the web at
S.T. MIKAEL: Claustromania (MS-3-XMLP-1 1991)The latest from underground-scene heavy psych one-man crew of angels & psychedelic flashes. This LP makes your brain start thinking in those pebble splash pond mind circular expanding waveforms that people on this vibe await the returning ship their roots sent out to bring back the password to tomorrow. - Paul Major, Parallel World, USA.Soulful music clothed in flashing psychedelia! His best, the highest ranks! – Länstidningen, Sweden. Features a bunch of atmospheric psychedelic pieces, with phased vocals, melodic mellotron pieces and guitars on a slow burning fuse! Plenty of wig lifting material here...” -Freakbeat, UK
S.T. MIKAEL: Psychocosmic Songs (XMLP-4 MS-4 1994)”A new album by the Swedish multi-instrumentalist ST Mikael...with a hand painted cover and a colorful booklet filled with drawings, comics and a picture story about Evolution on Earth. It’s impossible to compare him and his music with any other group or artist. On this record he plays guitars, sitars, turkish saz, drums, congas, tablas, organ, moog and does all the vocals. Some of the best tracks here is in that new, truly original style he has made his own. He will probably be one of the future-legends of the Psychedelic Music...” -Old Man Willow, Norway”His 4th LP makes new references between the electric and acoustic instruments, which contributes to the new consciousness condensing the moments of insight!” - Rockerilla, Italy
From Subliminal Sounds

S.T. Mikael
Visions Of A Trespasser

01. The Serpent (8:36)
02. Dagon (4:30)
03. Heading For The Sky (3:51)
04. Microworlds (4:56)
05. Bom Bom Mahadev (4:03)
06. The Soul Searcher (3:57)
07. In The Forest (3:41)
08. Calling The Djinn (6:57)
09. Dreams Of Eternity (6:02)
10. Bytes And Treves (2:18)

- S.T. Mikael / various instruments

S.T. Mikael 

01. UFO (0:55)
02. Peace In My Mind (3:19)
03. The Unknown (6:10)
04. Colours Of Grief (4:28)
05. Black Sunday (6:46)
06. Trespasser (4:43)
07. Distorted landscape (4:45)
08. Shore Of The Senses (8:44)
09. Song For You (Lost Beyond) (5:19)

- S.T. Mikael / various instruments

S.T. Mikael

01. The Prisoner (6:18)
02. The Vault (5:06)
03. Claustromania (6:23)
04. Spirit 1 (5:51)
05. Venus And Beyond (7:44)
06. Before Your Eyes (1:27)
07. Time Caravan (6:09)

- S.T. Mikael / various instruments

S.T. Mikael 
Psychocosmic Songs

01. The Veil (5:41)
02. 1000 Dreams (8:30)
03. The Psychocosmic Tree (4:34)
04. Mesozoikum (3:47)
05. Visions Of The Dinosaurs (4:53)
06. Eternal Spirit (2:53)
07. Like A Dream (6:22)
08. The Sailor (6:16)
09. Fire Soul (6:16)
10. Like A Dream (reprise) (2:23)
11. Finale (1:48)

- S.T. Mikael / various instruments

S.T. Mikael 
Soul Flower

01. Back Home (1:10)
02. Godly (10:11)
03. Belly Drumming Soul (1:46)
04. Evening Bossa (4:04)
05. Coffee Break Improvisation (1:52)
06. Beyond The Haze (7:30)
07. Soul Flower (6:31)
08. Worlds Within Worlds (5:42)
09. The Titans (2:12)
10. Sanat Michael (4:51)
11. The Turkish Flower (5:50)
12. Moving.Together. (3:56)
13. I Just Wanted To Say. (8:20)
14. She Came With The Spring (4:59)
15. You Are A Light (A Gypsy In Harlem) (4:16)
16. The Night Stars (19:37)
17. Summer In My Life (7:56)

- S.T. Mikael / various instruments

S.T. Mikael 
Mind On Fire

01. In My Dream (9:18)
02. Wizdom (7:12)
03. In To Your Mind (5:43)
04. Are You Dreaming Again (8:26)
05. Gyrax (7:43)
06. CD Bonus Intro (2:12)
07. Did You Feel (3:14)
08. Organ Prelude (1:28)
09. Stroll On Stumblin' Street (0:44)
10. Dr. Terrors Chamber Of Horrors (2:57)
11. Music Circus (1:23)
12. The Preacher (4:12)
13. Organ Mission Of Love (3:17)
14. Subwater Journey (3:37)
15. Sinbad Song (7:52)

- S.T. Mikael / various instruments

S.T. Mikael 
In Harmony

01. Mother Is Calling (8:23)
02. Lay A Bridge (6:18)
03. Soul Power (7:29)
04. Higher (15:25)
05. In Harmony (7:39)
06. Electric Sitar Raga (14:20)
07. Vill Du Följa Med? (3:05)

- ST Mikael / various instruments
- Reine Fiske / bass
- Fredrik Björling / drums, percussion