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Terumasa Hino - 1973 - Taro Mood

Terumasa Hino 
Taro Mood

01. Alone, Alone And Alone 14:25
02. Taro's Mood 12:35
03. Predawn 25:30

Cd Reissue:

101. Alone, Alone And Alone 14:17
102. Taro's Mood 12:47
103. Black Daffodil 12:33
104. Predawn 25:32

201. Stella By Starlight 7:47
202. Cycle Circle 13:57
203. Lullaby 6:35

Bass – Yoshio Ikeda
Congas – Yuji Imamura
Drums – Motohiko Hino
Piano – Mikio Masuda
Trumpet – Terumasa Hino

Recorded live at the jazzclub Domicile in Münich, June 29th 1973.

Born in 1942 in Tokyo, Terumasa Hino made his professional debut in 1955. After the great success of his album "Hi-nology" (1969) he performed at the Berliner Jazztage in 1971 and at many other festivals before moving to New York in 1975. Today Hino is a lving legend and the most famous national jazz musician in Japan. Once an editor of Miles Davis transcriptions, his powerful playing in the 70s and his "large, brilliant tone" (Grove Dictionary) have often been compared to Miles Davis' 60s style. "Taro's Mood" is a fiery, high-energy live document of freestyle hardbop that also allows moments of surprising lyricism. Including four bonus tracks, this edition gives a much broader picture of Hino's music than the original LP vinyl could.

One of the first great non-Japanese recordings by trumpeter Terumasa Hino – a smoking little live set from Germany, done at a time when Hino was working at the height of his youthful powers! The mode here is stretched out and open – never too outside, but very exploratory – in the direction that Hino took quite strongly on his Japanese albums as the 70s approached, but performed here in a style that's even more organic than those records. The group is all Japanese – with Motohiko Hino on drums and Mikio Masuda on piano – and added conga at the bottom of the backings almost gives the record an early 70s Impulse Records sort of feel – nice and spiritual, and plenty soulful!

Terumasa Hino Quintet - 1973 - Live!

Terumasa Hino Quintet

01. Stella By Starlight 12:08
02. Sweet Lullaby 7:20
03. Be And Know 28:25

Bass – Yoshio Ikeda
Drums – Motohiko Hino
Percussion, Congas – Yuji Imamura
Piano – Mikio Masuda
Trumpet, Producer – Terumasa Hino

Recorded live in The Recital on June 2, 1973.

First side is a bit lame, but side two is a monster 28 minute modal/spiritual jam.

Terumasa Hino - 1973 - Journey Into My Mind

Terumasa Hino 
Journey Into My Mind

01. Oriental Dance
02. My Funny Valentine
03. Thanks Toko
04. Rêve Provencale
05. Sky
06. Open Vision

Bass – Tsutomu Okada
Drums – Motohiko Hino
Flute, Saxophone – Hideo Miyata
Piano – Mikio Masuda
Saxophone – Hidefumi Toki
Tenor Saxophone – Takao Uematsu
Trombone – Shigeharu Mukai
Trumpet – Terumasa Hino

Recorded December 20, 1973 at Iino Hall except Oriental Dance recorded December 19, 1973 at Mouri Studio.

Mal Waldron - Terumasa Hino - 1972 - Reminicent Suite

Mal Waldron - Terumasa Hino 
Reminicent Suite

01. Reminicent Suite 23:41
Dig It Deep Down Baby
Once More With Feeling
02. Black Forest 18:35

Bass – Isao Suzuki
Drums – Motohiko Hino
Percussion – Uzi Imamura
Piano – Mal Waldron
Tenor Saxophone – Takao Uematsu
Trumpet – Terumasa Hino

Recorded on 14th August, 1972 at Victor Studio, Tokyo, Japan.

Waldron sits in with Terumasa Hino's 72 quintet (taking the piano chair of Mikio Masuda) for this magnificent recording featuring two epic cuts spanning a side a piece with composing credits split between Waldron and Hino.Something of an obscurity even to Waldron fans this has never seen a vinyl or cd reissue even in Japan which is a great pity as its a phenomenal lp.
"Reminicent Suite" is by Waldron and opens with a typical hammered down solo piano theme rapidly picked up by the rest of the quintet which is then comprehensively shredded,mangled and spat out until around 15 minutes when the vamp slides into a beautiful coda creating a more reflective mood for some lyrical work by Hino, Uematsu and Waldron who then bring the track to a close with a brief restatement of the theme.
"Black Forest" is a churning 6/8 styled naningo the soloists darting out from the thickets of percussion with Waldron battering the cyclical motif into submission.Hino and Uematsu drop rip roaring solos followed by Waldron and then its over to Motohiko Hino and Suzuki before back into the theme for conclusion.
Breathtaking stuff

Terumasa Hino Sextet - 1972 - Fuji

Terumasa Hino Sextet 

01. Be And Know 14:23
02. Reaction 14:41
03. Fuji 17:43
04. A Child Is Born 9:28

Bass – Yoshio Ikeda
Drums – Motohiko Hino
Electric Piano – Mikio Masuda
Guitar – Kiyoshi Sugimoto
Tenor Saxophone – Takao Uematsu
Trumpet – Terumasa Hino

Recorded Mar. 8, 1972

Excellent modal spiritual jazz a la Pharaoh Sanders etc. Great stuff

Terumasa Hino - 1971 - Vibrations

Terumasa Hino 

01 Into The Heaven 13:14
02 I'm An Old Cowhand 6:36
03 Crackling 3:20
04 Ph-Ph-T 11:35
05 Dig It 3:00

Bass – Peter Warren
Drums – Pierre Favre
Tenor Saxophone [Tenorsax] – Heinz Sauer
Trumpet – Terumasa Hino

 Audio-Studio Berlin. November 7, 1971

Terumasa Hino Quintet - 1971 - Peace And Love

Terumasa Hino Quintet
Peace And Love

01. Gongen
02. Peace And Love

Reggie Workman, bass
Motohiko Hino, drums
Kiyoshi Sugimoto, guitar
Teruo Nakamura, percussion
Hideo Ichikawa, piano
Terumasa Hino, trumpet

Recorded at TSC Japan on 29 September and 1 October 1970

Some elegant and mellow jazz from prominent Japanese trumpeter Terumasa Hino. Here we have two long tracks, one flowing and one more subdued, with some beautiful instrumentation and composition throughout. Dig it smooth cool cats

Terumasa Hino Quintet ‎- 1971 - Love Nature

Terumasa Hino Quintet 
Love Nature

01. Each Other
02. Love Nature
03. Sister Mayumi

Gary Bartz, alto saxophone
Reggie Workman, bass
Eric Gravatt, drums
Kiyoshi Sugimoto, electric guitar
Terumasa Hino, trumpet

Recorded at Obe Studio, Teaneck, New Jersey on 31 March '71

Joe Henderson And Kikuchi, Hino - 1971 - In Concert

Joe Henderson And Kikuchi, Hino 
In Concert

01. Sunrise In Tokyo 12:26
02. So What 11:40
03. Get Magic Again 19:54

Alto Saxophone, Soprano Saxophone – Kousuke Mine
Bass – Yoshio Suzuki
Drums – Hiroshi Murakami, Yoshiyuki Nakamura
Piano, Electric Piano – Masabumi Kikuchi
Tenor Saxophone – Joe Henderson
Trumpet – Terumasa Hino

Recorded in "Tokyo Toshi Center Hall", Tokyo, Japan, August 5, 1971

Recorded at the Tokyo Toshi Center Hall, Tokyo, Japan, on August 5, 1971, this live set features Henderson with an incredible line up of Japanese young lions.The session took place the day after Henderson's appearance at the Junk Club, Tokyo, for the recording of 'Joe Henderson In Japan' on the Milestone label and is something of a different beast.
"Sunrise In Tokyo" kicks us off with a terrific head and solos from the three major protagonists while "So What" is taken at a rapid tempo and again showcases the big three from the lp title."Get Magic Again" is a more abstract piece moving into New Thing territory with great piano from Kikuchi who penned the title.
An excellent album – and one of Joe Henderson's boldest sets from the early 70s! The record features Joe working with a hip group of young Japanese players that includes Terumasa Hino on trumpet and Masabumi Kikuchi on piano and electric piano – and the sextet format of the session stretches way past Joe's other Japanese recording from the time, which was issued in the US on Milestone. This one features very long tracks, with tremendous intensity from both the group and Joe, who's got a real edginess to his playing here. 

Terumasa Hino - 1971 - Hino At The Berlin Jazz Festival '71

Terumasa Hino 
Hino At The Berlin Jazz Festival '71

01. Birth Of Action 18:29
02. Cycle Circle 12:51
03. Ode To Workman 17:32
04. Alone, Alone And Alone 7:33

Bass – Yoshio Ikeda
Drums – Motohiko Hino
Guitar – Kiyoshi Sugimoto
Tenor Saxophone – Takao Uematsu
Trumpet – Terumasa Hino

Recorded live at The Berlin Jazz Festival Nov. 6, 1971.

Long considered a jazz legend and Japan’s foremost trumpeter, Terumasa Hino has played with almost all the jazz heavyweights throughout the past half century, from Gil Evans and Elvin Jones to Herbie Hancock and Chick Corea. His musical references have been Freddie Hubbard and Miles Davis.

All the albums that Terumasa Hino has released in the 70's (starting with the legendary Hi - Nology, 69) are highly recommended for lovers of spiritual jazz and koozmigroov.

“Hino at Berlin Jazz Festival ’71” is pure power. It was released by Victor Japan on 1971 and by Catalyst Records on 77. It includes four long tracks. The absence of keyboards gives prominence to the guitar player (Kiyoshi Sugimoto). Terumasa Hino is great, as always. The rest of the quintet is: Motohinko Hino (Terumasa brother) on drums, Yoshio Ikeda on bass and Takao Uematsu on tenor saxophone. Highly recommended! All killer No filler.

More Terumasa Hino, here's a favourite, unbelievably out of print, by Hino's touring quintet of the early 70's, incredibly inventive unit , stradling freeish post Bop, Fusion you name it..
Of note specifically is some remarkably free shredding by guitarist Kyoshi Sugimoto,(Taku Sugimoto's father) who steals the show here, for me , along with Hino's folksy vocal tone and incendiary attack...

Cycle Circle, on side one has a lurching ominousness that's very similar territory to K.Komeda's Astigmatic.

Terumasa Hino Meets Reggie Workman - 1971 - A Part

Terumasa Hino Meets Reggie Workman 
A Part

01.  A Part
02. Ode To Workman
03. Be And Know

Reggie Workman, bass
Yuji Imamura, congas
Motohiko Hino, drums
Kiyoshi Sugimoto, guitar
Hideo Ichikawa, piano, electric piano
Takao Uematsu, tenor saxophone, bass clarinet
Terumasa Hino, trumpet, flugelhorn

Recorded at T.S.C. Japan on 1 & 8 November and 3 December, 1970.

Terumasa Hino Quintet - 1970 - Into The Heaven

Terumasa Hino Quintet
Into The Heaven 

01. Into The Heaven 20:15
02. Feeling Blue As You Are Feel 12:52
03. Circus 3:02

Bass – Kunimitsu Inaba
Drums – Motohiko Hino
Flugelhorn, Trumpet – Terumasa Hino
Piano – Hiromasa Suzuki
Tenor Saxophone – Takeru Muraoka

Recorded at Tokyo Studio Center
Feb. 5. 1970

This is a lovely jazz LP by japanese trumpeter Terumasa Hino and his Quintet from 1970. Into The Heaven is a very groovy hard bop album, one of my all time favorite jazz albums (there is a nice reissue of the album from 2000 available). Dig it!