Friday, June 23, 2017

Everything Is Everything - 1970 - Just Flash In The Cosmic Pan

Everything Is Everything
Just Flash In The Cosmic Pan

01. In To The Heaven
02. Jun's Dreams
03. Just Flash In The Cosmic Pan

Dave Liebman, soprano & tenor saxophone
Steve Grossman, soprano & tenor saxophone
Lanny Fields, bass
Teruo Nakamura, bass
Mike Garson, piano
Reggie Workman, bass
John Carbone, bass
Randy Brecker, trumpet
Joe Bonner, electric piano
John Abercrombie, guitar
Lenny White, drums
Steve Jackson, percussion
Yosuke Tonoki, percussion, flute

Recorded on 15 June 1970

An album so rare that I could not find an entry for it at either Rateyourmusic or Discogs... Maybe I'm doing something wrong... Japanese label and producer, and doing a tune by Terumasa Hino...

Any info would be really appreciated!

Group Everything Everything Everything - 1970 - Hino's Journey To Air

Group Everything Everything Everything 
Hino's Journey To Air

01 Journey To Air 1
02 Journey To Air 2

Terumasa Hino, trumpet, flugelhorn
Gary Pribec, alto saxophone
Pete Yellin, alto Saxophone, flute
Dave Holland, bass
Lanny Fields, bass
Teruo Nakamura, bass
Bobby Moses, drums
Motohiko Hino, drums, handclaps
Mike Garson, piano, electric piano
Dave Liebman, alto & tenor Saxophone
Steve Grossman, alto & tenor Saxophone, flute
Olu Dara, trumpet

Recorded at Upsurge Studio, New York City, March 1970.

Trumpeter Terumasa Hino, the first candidate for best Japanese jazz trumpeter ever,is known quite well outside of his home country,mostly by his Miles Davis-influenced fusion albums. It's less known that during early 70s he was involved in free jazz movement, and almost unknown that during his first ever visit to New York in 1970 he recorded one-shot project's "Group Everything Everything Everything" album (released exclusively in Japan though).

I have no idea if Terumasa has been influenced by Alan Silva "Luna Surface" radical album, recorded and released some month prior to "Group Everything..." session, if not than probably very similar idea just flew somewhere around in that creative and electrified air of late 60s-early 70s. Silva in Paris formed 11-piece band (participating as violinist/conductor) and let musicians to play whatever they want,all at once. Resulted two-sides long track "From Luna Surface" presented kind of organized chaos,collective unframed and uncontrolled improvisation,reflecting creative freedom of the time and having it's own (non-conventional) beauty. 

Terumasa Hino formed in New York 12-piece Japanese-British-American band (with Dave Holland on bass,sax players Dave Liebman and Steve Grossman among others)and recorded two-sides long free-improvised composition "Journey To Air" - electro-acoustic tsunami with lot of personal soloing. If Silva's work was more about unlimited freedom, Terumasa's music is better organized,contains more tunes and virtuosic solos and aesthetically is closer to contemporary classic avant-garde than Silva's destructive anarchistic no-wave.

The future of both above mentioned albums are polar different - French BYG-released "Luna Surface" became a cult album (what as rule means everyone heard about it but almost no-one heard the music itself),Japanese-only album "Hino's Journey To Air" became a collectable rarity(in late 70s it was re-released as Terumasa Hino's solo album of the same title)."Luna Surface" was first, "Journey To Air" sounds better - those who like the former most probably will really enjoy the later.

P.S. It's interesting that part of the project musicians three months later recorded another similar album (this time as "Everything Is Everything" band,another excellent line-up including guitarist John Abercrombie,bassist Reggie Workman,trumpeter Randy Brecker and drummer Lenny White besides of Liebman/Grossman duo from initial project). Japanese only release as well.