Sunday, April 9, 2017

Adrian Gurvitz - 1979 - Sweet Vendetta

Adrian Gurvitz 
Sweet Vendetta 

02. The Wonder of It All Trumpet 04:14
03. Put a Little Love (In Life's Heart) 06:17
04. Love Space 04:50
05. The Way I Feel 05:17
06. Time Is Endless 03:59
07. I Just Wanna Get Inside Your Head 04:00
08. Free Ride 05:30
09. One More Time 02:53
10. Drifting Star 03:52

Adrian Gurvitz - Backing Vocals, Guitar [Lead], Lead Vocals
Fred Tacket - Guitar
Steve Porcaro - Synthesizer
David Hungate, David Shields - Bass
Jeff Porcaro, Rich Schlosser - Drums
Joe Porcaro - Percussion
Ed Greene - Drums on "The Wonder of It All Trumpet"
Steve Porcaro - Trombone
Chuck Findley, Steve Madaio - Trumpet
Steve Leeds - Saxophone & Flute on "Put a Little Love (In Life's Heart)"
Jerry Hey - Trumpet [Solo] on "The Wonder of It All"
Earl Lon Price - Saxophone [Solo] on "I Just Wanna Get Inside Your Head"
Paul Gurvitz - Backing Vocals

Adrian Curtis (26 June 1949, London, England), also known to have worked under the name of Adrian Curtis, this accomplished guitarist began his career backing 60s pop singer Crispian St. Peters for whom his father Sam Curtis was road manager. Spells with Billie Davis and Screaming Lord Sutch followed before Gurvitz joined Rupert’s People, a band enjoying a sizeable hit in Europe with ‘Reflections Of Charles Brown’ (1967). He formed Gun with brother Paul the following year, which in turn evolved into Three Man Army. The siblings also made numerous session appearances before teaming with drummer Ginger Baker in the Baker Gurvitz Army, following which Adrian embarked on a solo career. 1979’s Sweet Vendetta included contributions by US studio musicians Jeff, Joe and Steve Porcaro and David Paich, all later of Toto, but neither it nor Il Assassino made a commercial impression. However, in 1982 Gurvitz scored a surprise UK Top 10 hit with ‘Classic’. This soft rock masterpiece contained the immortal line; ‘Gonna write a classic, gonna write it in my attic’. Sadly, subsequent appearances by this artist have now greatly lessened. By the 90s, he had turned his hand to a more jazz-influenced direction.