Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Richie Cole - 1978 - Alto Madness

Richie Cole 
Alto Madness

01. Cole's Nocturne 6:11
02. The Price Is Right 7:13
03. The Common Touch 2:23
04. Last Tango In Paris 4:40
05. Island Breeze 5:20
06. Big Bo's Paradise 5:29
07. Remember Your Day Off 5:15
08. Moody's Mood '78 2:59

Richie Cole : Alto saxophone
Eddie Jefferson : vocals
Eddie Gladden : drums
Harold Mabern : piano
Rick Laird : bass
Steve Gilmore : bass
Vic Juris : guitar
Ray Mantilla : percussion.

Some of altoist Richie Cole's finest records were made for the Muse label during 1976-1981 when he did a great deal to help revive bebop. Cole has long had the ability to turn almost anything into jazz and on this set he manages to swing both the theme from The Price Is Right and the main melody from Last Tango in Paris. In addition to solo space for pianist Harold Mabern and guitarist Vic Juris, singer Eddie Jefferson is featured on two numbers: "The Common Touch" and "Moody's Mood '78."

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