Thursday, November 30, 2017

Eric Kloss - 1978 - Now

Eric Kloss

01. We Are Together 7:32
02. Now 6:39
03. Morning Song 6:35
04. Hey, Hey, Whatta You Say? 5:21
05. Autumn Blue 6:22
06. Booga Wooga Woman 7:04

Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone – Eric Kloss
Bass – Mike Richmond
Cowbell – Efrain Toro
Drums – Jimmy Madison
Keyboards – Mike Nock

Recorded January 4 & 5, 1978 at Van Gelder Recording Studio, Englewood, N.J.

Tenor/altoist Eric Kloss recorded often from 1965-1981 before disappearing from jazz. His sound was fairly original, he was technically skilled, and, even though his impact was fairly minor, he did record many worthwhile sessions, most of which are currently hard to find. On this LP, Kloss (joined by keyboardist Mike Nock, bassist Mike Richmond, and drummer Jimmy Madison) performs six of his originals, none of which caught on. The music is generally lyrical and the leader plays well, even if the rhythm section is fairly anonymous, but little all that memorable occurs.



  2. I disagree with the last bit of the above review (likely taken from AMG). I've always thought this to be one of Kloss' better dates. Just my opinion of course, but Mike Nock is always a pleasure to hear. My thanks.