Thursday, November 30, 2017

Eric Kloss - 1969 - In The Land Of The Giants

Eric Kloss 
In The Land Of The Giants

01. Summertime 7:31
02. So What 12:08
03. Sock It To Me Socrates 5:14
04. When Two Lovers Touch 5:33
05. Things Ain't What They Used To Be 5:46

Alto Saxophone – Eric Kloss
Bass – Richard Davis
Drums – Alan Dawson
Piano – Jaki Byard
Tenor Saxophone – Booker Ervin

Recorded NYC, January 2, 1969

Eric Kloss' sessions for Prestige somehow always get overlooked – but do yourself a favor and don't pass this one by! The record's a crackling bit of modernist free play, with a very soulful edge – and the group includes Booker Ervin, Jaki Byard, Richard Davis, and Alan Dawson all joining Kloss as he hits his mid-period "exploratory" stage. His alto is super-crisp here, and although he's reaching out a bit more than on earlier albums, he never manages to lose the swing that made him sound so great right out of the box. 

An absolutely stunning, up-tempo version of Miles Davis’ “So What” featuring the towering and vigorous tenor saxophone work of the late Booker Ervin. Here, Kloss and Ervin take turns reaching for the stars via soaring and electrifying lead soloing!........Not a cutting contest yet these esteemed gentlemen perform with conviction as if they were possessed by spirits... Kloss’ sweet alto sax tone and sumptuous phrasing is evident on “When Two Lovers Touch”. On the Ellington classic, “Things Ain’t What They Used To Be” Kloss’ expressionism and emotive lyricism displays mature sensibilities and expertise for such a young lad.

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