Thursday, November 30, 2017

Eric Kloss - 1967 - First Class Kloss!

Eric Kloss
First Class Kloss!

01 Comin' Home Baby 2:44
02 The Chasin' Game 7:03
03 One For Marianne 6:44
04 Chitlins Con Carne 2:49
05 Walkin' 5:28
06 African Cookbook 7:06

Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone – Eric Kloss
Bass – Leroy Vinnegar
Drums – Alan Dawson
Piano – Cedar Walton
Trumpet, Flugelhorn – Jimmy Owens

The people at Prestige knew they had something special when they discovered Eric Kloss; here was a blind teenager who had grown up studying all the musical styles of the fifties and sixties and had the chops and ideas to hang with the best of them. To that end, the record label quickly recorded Kloss in a variety of settings to capitalize on his prodigious talents. 

Much is made of Kloss being a teenager at the time of these recordings, but this means little unless he could keep up with the veterans. Fortunately, this album shows that he could. Kloss hasn't been heard form in quite some time, but recordings like this late-'60s collection may help him earn some widely deserved acclaim.

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