Saturday, October 28, 2017

Jiro Inagaki & His Soul Media - 1973 - In The Groove

Jiro Inagaki & His Soul Media 
In The Groove

01. That's How I Feel
02. Blue Blood
03. It's Impossible
04. Put It Where You Want It
05. Crazy Medicine
06. Joie De Vivre
07. Papa Hooper's Barrel House Groove
08. Thrill Is Gone
09. Raven Speaks
10. Samba Chimba

Jiro Inagaki: Alto & tenor saxophone
Tsunehide Matsuki: Guitar
Takeshi Kamachi: Electric piano
Akira Okazawa: Bass
Takashi Imai: Trombone
Hajime Ishimatsu: Drums

Jiro Inagaki left the Jazz Rock to focus himself on the Jazz Funk movement, with an album as The Jazz Crusaders know how best to do, as evidenced the cover songs of Wilton Felder (That's How I Feel) & Joe Sample (Put It Where You Want It). For this new route, Jiro has recruited new members for his Soul Media group featuring Akira Okazawa, Tsunehide Matsuki & Norio Maeda in charge of the arrangements and who contributes to three compositions. This blend of Smooth Jazz & Funk, approaches of the sound from CTI recordings that Creed Taylor has could produced in the seventies.

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