Saturday, October 7, 2017

Bang - 1973 - Music


01. Windfair
02. Glad You're Home
03. Don't Need Nobody
04. Page Of My Life
05. Love Sonnet
06. Must Be Love
07. Exactly Who I Am
08. Pearl And Her Ladies
09. Little Boy Blue
10. Brightness
11. Another Town

The Lost Singles
12. Slow Down
13. Feels Nice
14. Make Me Pretty

Drums, Percussion – Bruce Gary
Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar – Frank Glicken
Lead Vocals, Bass, Piano – Frank Ferrara
Piano – Pete Sears

As is so often the case with bands of this era, after hitting the scene with a bang (no pun intended) they blow their load after a few releases, and sometimes manage to outstay their welcome with label changes. Though this album still has it's moments, the writing seems to be on the wall for them, and it is fitting they packed it in after this one. Similar in style to their previous albums, but with a barely tolerable level of commercialism. Get past that, and you can find a few glowing embers amid the ashes.

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