Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Crawler - 1997 - Pastime Dreamer Live

Pastime Dreamer Live

01. How Will You Break My Heart – 5:14
02. Where Is The Money – 4:40
03. You And Me – 9:13
04. Devil Run – 4:52
05. The Shape I’m In – 3:30
06. First Class Operator – 3:41
07. Sold On Down The Line – 3:22
08. Pastime Dreamer – 4:26
09. Never Loved A Woman – 3:56
10. Blues My Guitar – 6:50
11. Blue Soul – 11:42
12. Worn Out Dream – 4:44
13. Stone Cold Sober – 7:38
14. Radio Interviews (Bonus) – 3:07

Terry Slesser / vocals
Geoff Whitehorn / guitar
John Rabbit Bundrick / keyboards
Terry Wilson / bass
Tony Braunagel / drums

Recorded live in 1977, the “Pastime Dreamer” album showcases yet another solid performance by the underrated classic rock band Crawler.

Bundrick’s keyboard adventures shines with plenty of cool intros, solos, moog, hammond, etc… The band seems to be enjoying playing together, as on the extended “Blue Soul”. Crawler could go from funky tunes to blues to rock, with a number of great tunes like “Where Is The Money”, “Devil Run”, “Never Loved A Woman” and the lead off track “How Will You Break My Heart”.

13 tunes, as well as a bonus radio interview segment makes you craving more for Crawler shows.

Originally downloaded this from te old Sakalli blog... took a while before I could find myself a cd copy, really greatful to Sakalli for introducing me to a lot of albums that I had never heard, He is one of the reasons why I started this blog... a lot of the original reviews on it (as this one) I lifted straigt from his when he stopped posting. Is he still around?



  2. Many thanks again for this excellent band !

    One little correction:

    The vocalist and the bass player is the same person: Terry Wilson-Slesser.