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Yonin Bayashi - 1976 - Golden Picnics

Yonin Bayashi 
Golden Picnics

01. Flying (4:20)
02. Carnival (3:59)
03. Nasu No Chawan Yaki (Continental Laid-Back-Breakers) (4:43)
04. Kool Sailer & Fools (9:01)
05. Birds & Nessy's - Oyoguna Nessy (16:55)
06. A Song For Lady Violetta (7:09)

- Daiji Okai / drums
- Katsutoshi Morizono / guitars, voices
- Hidemi Sakasita / keyboard
- Masahide Sakuma / bass

As I've mentioned before, Isshoku-Sokuhatsu may be the most famous YONIN BAYASHI's album all over the world. But believe me, I'm sure their second album Golden Picnics should be one of the most progressive and most brilliant shots in their history. And let me say, I cannot tell YONIN BAYASHI's progressive life without their first two, the most important albums.

The year after Isshoku-Sokuhatsu released, Masahide Sakuma, a new bassist and another key person, joined YONIN BAYASHI and their music style could get to be more progressive and more psychedelic. The goal was not copying from Pink Floyd but getting the rigid identity and originality. In this sense, could you notice why they should play The Beatles' "Flying" as the first track? Their Flying can get wetter, slower and more psychedelic than The Beatles', so this should let us predict what will come here. On the contrary, Carnival has dry voices and lyrics, funky and percussive kicks by drums, keyboard and guitars - with slight warmth. A rebellious rock artist out of harmony with the carnival is playing rock and roll music out of place I feel. The song is very dry but can make us warm...very wonderful. Nasu No Chawan Yaki (Continental Laid-Back-Breakers) is one of their standard numbers in live performances. In this only 5 minute gem are their terrific play and technique, their humour, and their soul of music. They always played much pleasantly this song on the stage - and now on our turntable too. Anyway, this is about boiled eggplants in a Japanese rice bowl...the last repetitive and highly speedy play can sound like the cooking completed. Boiled eggplants with nice flavour and taste, please help yourself while they are hot...? Suddenly the atmosphere will change. Kool Sailer & Fools gets started with somewhat pop and catchy flavour but don't be deceived. In the middle part, a slow but twisted tune can lengthen and shorten our brain again and again. Here are Fool's various imaginations. The lyrics, telling about the space and relationship between the sky, the sea and "me", are very psychedelic and very dreamful. And the highlight of this album is Birds & Nessy's - Oyoguna Nessy (Nessy, please don't swim, please keep quiet)! Nessy, a mysterious and imaginative animal, is our precious friend, that should not be found by adults. Well, there are lots of dangerous sounds - electronic, traffic, or fraudulent ones...please hide away from here, Nessy! These sounds, above mentioned, should be expressed by various plays of all of their instruments, with extreme psychedelia. Basically Nessy is very kind for us please, please never swim here, never open your eyes... very imaginative glimmers in front of us. We can be on Nessy's back! The end of our golden picnics will be with Lady Violetta. In A Song For Lady Violetta Katsutoshi's laidback guitar sounds are very impressive and can remind us "her" love and kindness. This graceful song may not be suitable for this progressive work but we can be completely absorbed into her deep love. 

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