Friday, July 7, 2017

Stud - 1972 - September


01. Good Things 4:00
02. God Knows 6:03
03. Corner 1:50
04. Life Without Music 7:22
05. Samurai 2:21
06. Five To Mid-day 6:05
07. Prelude 2:10
08. Bad Handlin 3:30
09. Ocean Boogie 3:25
10. Red Wine 4:23

Bass Guitar, Acoustic Guitar – Richard McCracken
Drums, Percussion – John Wilson
Guitar, Piano, Violin, Vocals – John Weider
Lead Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Lead Vocals – Jim Cregan

The combination of their debut album's poor sales and rising disagreements between Deram Records and manager Eddie Kennedy saw the band dropped by the label.  Luckily extensive touring in Germany paid off in terms of the trio finding a new sponsor with the German BASF label.   In addition, prior to recording their sophomore LP the trio added former Animals and Family multi-instrumentalist John Wider to the lineup.   Recorded in London's Command Studio with Billy Kennedy again producing, musically "September" was quite different from their debut.  Tracks like the mid-tempo rocker 'Good Things' and the ballads 'Corner', 'Samurai', and 'Five To Mid- Day' largely abandoned the debut's folk and jazz-rock leanings in favor of a far more commercial endeavor.  As on the debut, as the band's lead singer Cregan remained a hit-or-miss proposition.  His limited and fragile range was sorely tested on the ballads like 'God Knows', but he did better on the up-tempo and bluesy numbers.  A big part of the difference this time out was clearly attributable to the addition of Weider who contributed five of the ten songs, including the standout bluesy rocker 'Life without Music'.  Not perfect (the country number 'Red Wine' was hideous), but far better than the debut which for some reason remains the one collectors seek out and throw big money at.  Go for this one since it's far better and more affordable.

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