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L'Infonie - 1969 - Vol. 3 (L'Infonie)

Vol. 3 (L'Infonie)

01. Ode A L'Affaire (Ouverture) (3:56)
02. L'Affaire (1:32)
03. J'ai Perdu 15 Cents Dans Le Nez Froid D'un Ange Bronzé (2:01)
04. Solo (2:11)
05. Finale (5:55)
06. Viens Danser Le "OK Là!" (3:02)
07. Toutes Les Affaires S'en Vont Sur Toutes Les Côtés En Même Temps, Toul'Temps (1:09)
08. She's Leaving Home (5:38)
09. Intermezzo (0:28)
10. Agnue Dei (5:05)
11. Desafinado (7:18)
CD Bonus:
12. L'Histoire De La P'tite Ch'nille Electrique Changée En Belle Ch'nille Naturelle Par La Fée Trobouguorbotelle (3:38)
13. La P'tite Demoiselle A La Vitrine (12:46)
14. Untitled (6:05)

Clarinet – Guy Boivin, Jack Rider
Contrabass – Maurice Richard
Contrabass, Guitar – Jacques Valois
Flute – Jean Grimard
Guitar – Michel Robidoux
Guitar, Percussion, Piano – Isengourd Knohn
Percussion – Guy Thouin, Réjean Emond
Piano, Saxophone, Harpsichord [Clavecin] – Walter Boudreau
Presenter, Synthesizer [Moog Synthesizer] – André Perry
Saxophone – Jean Grimard, Jean Préfontaine
Synthesizer [Moog Synthesizer] – Buddy Fasano
Trumpet – Denis Lagacé, Yves Charbonneau
Viola – Dominique Tremblay
Vocals – Raôul Duguay

L'INFONIE were born as a Québécois versatile rock commune in 1967 around the initiator Raôul DUGUAY and the musical chief Walter BOUDREAU, just along the Québécois "multidisciplinary" music scene in those days. Quite in the vein of late-60s concentrated music essence, mixed with pop, jazz, and classic, they recorded their first creation "Vol. 3" (currently released as an eponymous one) at André Perry Studio and released in 1969.

Amazingly, their soundscape had been altered moment by moment - obvious jazz rock / fusion movement and a talented American musician Terry Riley could exert pretty influence upon their second work "Vol. 33 (Mantra)", featuring a sole suite "Mantra" based upon Terry's landmark piece "In C".

Finally L'INFONIE breathed new life into Québécois progressive rock world with their third double-album "Vol. 333" released in 1972, mainly structured with more experimental / magnificent suite "Paix" occupying the entire first LP as 50 pieces of composition (plus prelude). They could stand at their peak with this stuff, that might let Raôul leave away for his solo career as a poet / author / songwriter soon thereafter, as a result.

Formed in Montreal in 1967, L’INFONIE existed officially until 1974. Seven years of pure mayem that gave birth to four vinyls (volume 3, volume 33, volume 333 and volume 3333) as well as various multidisciplinary shows built as way-out happenings with costumes etc…

Lead by composer WALTER BOUDREAU (aka retlaW uaerduoB) and poet, singer, trumpeter RAÔUL DUGUAY (aka luôaR yauguD) this very loose collective regrouped up to 33 artists from various backgrounds ranging from free jazz, classical, contemporary, rock, visual arts and poetry in one avant-garde adventure still unsurpassed in Québec.

« L’Infonie is part of a historical movement that tried to shake the foundations of our culture… Shock, surprise rather than flatter. Rub the wrong way… In those days the group members weren’t drop outs but we were trying to stir away from the usual artistic conformity. We had seen enough. We went out of our way to appear with toilet seats or coat hangers on our heads: trying to break something. » — Walter Boudreau (1979)

« L’Infonie exorcised a lot of fantasies. A rage for living occupied our spirits, a creative angst regrouped Le Quatuor Jazz Libre du Kebek, Walter Boudreau, Michel Lefrançois, Roger Pellerin (designer), GuyBoivin (painter), Ysengourd Knohr, Doc Scrop or Corps (chiropractor), Andrée Paul (pianist), orchestral symphony musicians, all kinds of jazz rock-pop-progressive groups, classical, contemporary, middle-age, pre-cambrian and pre atlantis… » — Raôul Duguay -Taken from « Raôul Duguay ou: le poête à la voix d’O » (1979)



  2. Many thanks for this, for me, new discovery. All four albums offer many hours of repeated listening.