Monday, June 26, 2017

Terumasa Hino - 1981 - Double Rainbow

Terumasa Hino
Double Rainbow

01. Merry-Go-Round 14:46
02. Cherry Hill Angel 8:06
03. Yellow Jacket 4:42
04. Miwa Yama 6:21
05. Aboriginal 12:24

Bass – Anthony Jackson, Hervey Mason
Cornet – Terumasa Hino
Drums – Lenny White
Keyboards – Herbie Hancock, Kenny Kirkland, Masabumi Kikuchi
Percussion – Airto Moreira
Saxophone – Steve Grossman

Recorded and Mixed at Sound Ideas Studios, New York City in February and March, 1981 except Herbie Hancock parts on Merry-Go-Round recorded at The Automatt, San Francisco on February 24, 1981 by Leslie Jones

1st thing. Don't let your son design your record sleeve. Especially if he can't focus a camera.
Beautiful work from trumpeter Terumasa Hino – an early 80s date that was issued in the US, but one that's got as much bold power and freewheeling soul as his Japanese releases from a decade before! The album's surprisingly open for the time – not in the slicker mode that Columbia was hitting as they crossed over some of their 70s fusion players, but in spacious territory that has Hino blowing cornet, in larger arrangements from keyboardist Masabumi Kikuchi and Gil Evans – the latter of whom seems to contribute a strong sense of color and tone to the album! 

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