Sunday, May 28, 2017

Enrico Rava - 1973 - Katcharpari

Enrico Rava 

01. Bunny's Pie 2:00
02. Trial N. 5 6:10
03. Dimenticare Stanca 9:07
04. Katcharpari 4:02
05. Fluid Connection 5:40
06. Cheerin' Cherry 9:27
07. Peace 1:30

Enrico Rava - Trumpet, Vocals, Bells
John Abercrombie - Electric Guitar
Bruce Johnson - Bass  
Chip "Superfly" White - Drums  

Cover - Ariel Soulé  

Recorded: Milan, January 10th 1973.
Yellow Label With Classic BASF Logo On Centre Right.

I like the more subtle spacier cuts on this one such as the fantastic opening waltz, the opening phrases of "Diamenticare Stanca" and the gorgeous, but short closing track "Peace". Rava is great with his trumpet and combines both the subtle phrasing and sharp angularities of Miles' sound during these years. The mean gonzo-funk does slog on a few these longer tracks which cools me down slightly, but generally you'll win more than lose with this one.