Monday, May 29, 2017

Andrew Cyrille, Jeanne Lee, Jimmy Lyons - 1979 - Nuba

Andrew Cyrille, Jeanne Lee, Jimmy Lyons 

01. Nuba 1 7:27
02. Cornbread Picnic (Maize) 4:58
03. The One Before Zero 5:23
04. JJ&A 5:12
05. In These Last Days 7:35
06. Sorry 6:58
07. Nuba 2 7:50

Alto Saxophone – Jimmy Lyons
Drums, Percussion – Andrew Cyrille
Voice – Jeanne Lee

Recorded in June 1979 at Fontana Studio 7, Milano.

Drummer Andrew Cyrille and alto saxophonist Jimmy Lyons developed an impressive chemistry during their years with Cecil Taylor. Cyrille's array of percussion instruments and mastery of multiple styles, from hard bop to Afro-Latin, enabled him to play rippling rhythms or light, tinkling lines, attack, or lay back. Lyons' alto solos were alternately driving and soft, sometimes searing in their intensity, sometimes more laid-back and introspective. Those seeking a standard trio or straight jazz date are advised to look elsewhere; there was nothing conventional or predictable about this one.

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